Happy Birthday To An Old Farm Kid

Son #3 making butter in a jar

Son #3 making butter in a jar. Photo courtesy of Granny McGriffith

For your 27th birthday, Son #3, I’m sharing this good old picture of a familiar scene from your childhood–churning butter in a jar while rocking out to cool tunes.

For those who might have missed that important part of childhood, I’ll fill you in on the butter making process of the family who keeps a milk cow.

1. The kid milks the family cow–preferably a Jersey–by hand.

2.The kid brings in the bucket of milk. Mom strains it into a gallon jar and refrigerates it.

3. Next morning, mom skims off the cream that rose to the top of the milk overnight. Kids drink the milk and eat it on their cereal.

4. Mom lets the cream sour at room temperature for a day or two.

5. Mom hands a jar half full of cream to a kid, who shakes it vigorously until butter forms and separates from the buttermilk.

6. Mom drains the buttermilk away then rinses the ball of butter until no buttermilk remains, salts it, then the family eats it. Yummy!

I credit your present occupation–providing organic food choices to the health nuts, hippies, and Mennonites of north central Oklahoma–with your growing up years on the farm where you helped produce food from the hoof to the plate and everywhere in between.


I’ve sent daughter-in-law #3 home to you with a cash gift. Don’t spend it all in one place. Have an awesome birthday. God bless you and enjoy Doyle Lawson doing one of your old favorites, When the Sun of My Life Goes Down.

(Sorry about the kid fussing in the background, but I guess you’re used to that.)

Love, Mom