No Frozen Blood In The Ice Maker, Thank Goodness

IMG_6113The grandson, Kevman, celebrating summer

After an extremely late take-off for southwest Oklahoma, it’s finally summer. We’ve got the heat. We’ve got the kids’ pool set up. We’ve got the chiggers. And we’ve got cookouts when the wind is thirty-miles-per-hour, or less.

(Just an FYI. If you are thinking about a Polygroup Pro swimming pool, it has the dumbest filter thingy ever. In fact the whole setup to our sand filter and salt thingy had to be farmer-jobbed, as we call it down here on the farm when something is all cobbled together.)


Cousins, Einstein and Git R Done celebrate summer

Then there was the day when bloody looking stuff–like frozen blood–started coming out the ice maker on the refrigerator. I immediately thought, “Oh, sweet goodness! Somebody has lost a hand in the ice maker.” All of the grandkids still had their appendages, however, and on further investigation, the frozen blood proved to be a red popsicle grinding up in the ice maker. But what if…?! My fiction writer’s brain jumped straight to hair-raising and mind-boggling plots. My summer got way better.


Our barn cat, Tip, had three kittens in the day lily bed. They are having a good summer BECAUSE…

Our dog, Nellie broke her leg and can’t chew kittens right now. Last week, a neighboring farmer pulled into our driveway and accidentally hit Nellie with his pickup, breaking her leg. Very sad. No more cooling off in the fish pond because of her cast, so we keep the ground damp in the shade next to her dog house. She lays and watches the birds fly by and the wheat trucks and cars roar past, bored stiff. She’s starting to feel frisky again, which is good, but I fear she is going to drive me crazy trying to keep her calm over the next weeks while she heals.


Danni, preparing to talk about her new book

Next week, sometime, maybe,if nothing interferes and the Good Lord is willing’, I will post about my new book, Wailing Woman Creek.

Until next time, God bless all y’all and Nellie, this one’s for you…Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

*This artist doesn’t necessarily endorse my blog, this is just Nellie’s favorite song.