Turn Your Head For Just A Minute In Southwest Oklahoma…

garden in oklahoma

This is what happens if you get some summer rain and turn your head on your garden for a minute in Southwest Oklahoma. Good land o’ livin’. There must be some vegetables in there somewhere.


I have a condition. Middle Aged Woman Syndrome, or MAWS, as I like to call it. Symptoms include–but are not limited to:

grumpiness, irritability, short temper, bad nature, and snappiness.

Those symtoms remind me of a joke my father-in-law used to tell and then laugh his head off. The joke went like this:

Yeah, that ol’ gal is just as even tempered as she can be…

Mad all the time.

Hardy, har, har.

MAWS has other symptoms which include what is commonly know as flop-bot (when the bottom flops into the chair) and heat intolerance–extremely unfortunate in Oklahoma July when we have days on end of 100* plus temperatures.


Well, anyway, Gramps has been making himself scarce–I have no idea why–but the nieces, JA and TL, came one morning before the heat of the day to tame the jungle on the homeplace.


JA got on the lawnmower to end the chigger-laden sticker weeds and Johnson grass reign of terror

gardening in sw oklahoma

TL headed for the garden to hunt overgrown vegetables and put an end to them

chickens in Oklahoma

The giant vegetables met their ends as chicken food

brussels sprouts fresh from the garden

A stalk of brussels sprouts, one of the finest foods

The Foodie Corner

Okay, I don’t usually talk about food on the blog much except for meat, but I have to pause here and carry on about brussels sprouts. They are the best veggies ever and I could eat them all day. Daughter-in-law #3 taught me the following method to make yummy sprouts:

Strip off the heads and clean them. Cook them in the microwave for a few minutes until they’ve started getting a little tender. Coat them with garlic, grated horseradish, and sesame oil then roast them in the oven until they look about right. For the finishing touch, drizzle on a little honey, ground sea salt, and fresh pepper.

Try that and you’ll see what I mean.

border collie in waterNellie, resting in the fish pond inflow after a hard hours’ work in the garden. She “helped” dig potatoes.

border collie pup


The niece, TL, and I sat on the porch swing to rest, too. Instead, we were treated to this disgusting spectacle of “Smellie” Nellie eating bird poop from the barn swallow nest overhead. As a ranch/farm dog, Nellie is an active member of Poop Eaters Worldwide Society, or PEWS, as I like to call it.

*PEWS is in no way affiliated with any animal rights group.

barn swallow nest

Baby barn swallows nearly popping out of their nest. Five little fatties in there, if you can believe that. The parent swallows return each spring, repair that same nest, and raise two families every year. If I allowed it, the porch eaves would virtually drip with barn swallow nests, but I bring MAWS to bear and tear down all but this nest and one on the front porch. All of us enjoy watching the swallows.


By now, y’all probably have a condition called, Thanks A Lot For Oversharing Danni, or TALFOD, as I like to call it. Thanks so much for reading in spite of that.

*And a big thanks to the nieces, too.

Until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy Josh Wilson doin’ Amazing Grace. The South Dakota Cowgirl posted the clip on her blog a while back and I am glad she did.


*This artist doesn’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like him.

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Early Morning Rain in Southwest Oklahoma

Southwest Oklahoma after an early morning rain

Southwest Oklahoma after an early morning rain

We had an early morning rain today. Thank the Lord…and Yee Haw! About .33″–not much, but the winter wheat already looks happier 🙂

'The Fellers' Border Collies Tip and Ringo

‘The Fellers’ Border Collies Tip and Ringo

‘The Fellers,’ Tip and Ringo enjoyed their early morning run in the wet fields.