Personality Of A Sunbeam, Bladder Of A Flea At The Ranch Pen

Gramps with the grandkids, Git’R’Done, Ladybug, Blondie, and Roper

A couple of weeks ago, along with my sister’s family, we gathered up as many grandkids as we could and headed down to the horse fair and ranch rodeo at Duncan, Oklahoma. Normally, I get a lot of really bad pictures, but this year I only managed to take a few really bad pictures. (Excluding the one above.) Why? you might ask. The correct answer would be that Ladybug–who has the personality of a sunbeam and is cute as can be at three-years-old–has the bladder and attention span of a flea.

Ladybug and I spent much of our time in the ladies’ room of the fair barn. The facilities there are pretty awesome apparently. The space is cavernous and echoes, sometimes with the barking from a stock dog on the end of some ranch lady’s leash. Perhaps twenty stalls of a dull, institution tan color are divided by a wide aisle where all us ranch lady types go in and out. Our boots scuff the concrete floor, which is covered in a film of grit from the arena. A really cool sink, like an old semi-circle horse trough, spouts water from only one of four spouts (I assume to conserve water because of western Oklahoma’s severe drought and water shortage). Also, there is an automatic paper towel dispenser. If you are three-years-old and stand directly beneath the towel dispenser jumping around and waving your hands, an astonishing amount of paper toweling will unfurl before your nana can drag you away. If you are not three-years-old, forget it. The blinking red eye will never detect your wrinkled old hands, no matter how vigorously you wave and mutter. Finally,  there was the big mirror above the trash can to make sure our hair looked good before Ladybug and I burst forth at a gallop, heading for the snack bar…to buy a drink, so we could return to the ladies room, etc, etc.

During my many treks to the facilities with Ladybug, I commanded Gramps to take pictures only to find he’s not any better than I am at that. However, he did take a video or two–one of which was upside down and the other in slow-mo. That one was hysterically funny, but we got it all fixed up for the Ranch Pen readers’ shock and awe.

The horse was not harmed in the making of this video, but seemed invigorated by his eight seconds of exercise. The rider, however, hit the fence hard enough to make Gramps lose control of the camera, so I had to cut off the end of the video. I believe the rider lived–at least until he staggered out of sight of the arena.

So, until next time, God help all y’all as you try to ride out your broncs–literal and figurative–and enjoy David Wesley doing his excellent job on Good Good Father.

Ranch Rodeo From The Ranch Pen

Today, Gramps and I are taking a break at the Ranch Pen and heading to the Oklahoma Horse Fair and  Chisolm Trail Ranch Rodeo at Duncan, Oklahoma, which we try to do every year about this time. We enjoy hanging out with family and friends, making a serious dent in the goodies at the snack bar, visiting with people we know plus new acquaintances, and watching the horse and stock dog events.

So, until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy this clip of ranch rodeo in Texas, but Okies do it the same way.

Slap Out Of Ideas At The Ranch Pen


Danni. Stay away from her ears.

Ominous event #1: Last night at church, Danni felt a big lump on the side of her arm. “Oh, my goodness,” you’re probably thinking, “that has to be an arm tumor.” No, it was just a sock wadded up in her sleeve she had been wearing around all day without noticing.

Ominous event #2: This morning while getting ready to feed her critters, she put on her boots and they felt funny. She stepped around trying to get them straightened out only to look down and realize her boots were on the wrong feet. Or, possibly her feet were on the wrong legs.

Even more ominous: Danni is working on two books at once and her brains are threatening to come blowing out her ears with a very small splat.

Do these events have anything to do with the deteriorating quality of life at the home place? Or Danni being slap out of blog post ideas today?  We here at the Ranch Pen don’t know, but we aren’t bothered since we have already forgotten what we were talking about.

Ah. Here we go. Pictures from our trip to the Oklahoma Horse Fair and Chisholm Trail Ranch Rodeo a couple of weekends ago.


The working ranch teams. Most of the guys were from Oklahoma and Texas. No lady competitors this year.

Littlest cowboy

Littlest cowboy

The littlest cowboy with his dad.

Littlest Cowgirl

Littlest Cowgirl

At the horse sale on Saturday, this little cowgirl–complete with fancy chaps–was selling her pony to graduate to a bigger mount. She was sweet as sugar pie and so was the pony.

Amish Cowboy

Amish Cowboy

These next two pictures I took just for my friend Anna at The Silent Isle who lives in Amish country, but probably hasn’t seen Amish cowboys.

Amish cowboy on a mule

Amish cowboy on a mule

This fella was trying to get his mule to kneel, but mule-like, she (I think it was a ginny mule) refused. Later to show how calm she was, he stood on her back whirling around his bull whip and snapping it.


Currently unmounted, I’m always searching for the perfect granny horse that won’t engage in violent behavior. That little buckskin gelding with the boy standing on its back was a dream come almost true. Gramps bid quite a way out of our price range before I made him stop.


I wish I hadn’t made Gramps stop bidding. I’ll always be sad we didn’t bring that little feller home. (The kid would’ve been handy, too. Boys that age are useful out on the home place.)


The neice TL, grandsons Roper and Git’R’Done, and the niece JA

After the horse sale, we toured the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center which is a super cool, interactive place to take kids.


Roper, Git’R’Done, and Blondie


Finally, at the Chinese food place. The grandkids told the waitress the food stunk, or stinked, or stank, whatever. Gramps and I laughed heartily. When their dads–our sons–said such things, we promptly hustled them out to the correctional facility, but now we just think everything the grandkids say is hilarious.

So ended a great time at the ranch rodeo–and an end to another addled blog post from the Ranch Pen. Have a good weekend and thanks so much for reading.

Until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s Will the Circle be Unbroken.


*These artists don’t necessarily  endorse my blog, I’ve just loved ’em for about a hundred years.

Flyin’ Old Glory At Ranch Rodeo

Gramps and I and our family and friends had a wonderful time at the Chisholm Trail Ranch Rodeo in Duncan, Oklahoma last weekend. I might write more about it later, but for this post I’ll just share my favorite part of rodeo–flyin’ Old Glory western style. That always makes me proud and very thankful to be an American. I’m certainly not a professional video lady, but I hope y’all enjoy it as much as we did.


Horse Lovers At The Ranch Pen


Grand entry at the 2013 Chisholm Trail Ranch Rodeo

Once again, it’s time for us horse lovers and ranch rodeo fans to attend The Oklahoma Horse Fair and Chisholm Trail Ranch Rodeo in Duncan, Oklahoma. One of the horse fair events this year is the Colt Starting Challenge USA competition to see which of the contestants are best at taming and riding a young horse while we watch. (If you like, click on the link for a post on the event last year, Duncan Oklahoma Horse Fair and Ranch Rodeo and the Passing of a Great Guinea Pig.)

Since I’m away from the Ranch Pen, I’ll just post a few horse-y type pics. Last week we had a 70* day (hard to imagine, this week) and one of the few almost windless days we get in southwest Oklahoma. My sister–who we will call Sis–called to see if I wanted to mount up. To which I replied, “I’m on my way. (I have to bum rides since I’m currently unmounted, but ever shopping for the perfect granny horse who won’t dump me and break my bones.)


The nieces, JA and TL, with Sis, all horse lovers who train their own horses which I posted about in these two posts: Horse Girls of Southwest Oklahoma l, and Horse Girls of Southwest Oklahoma ll


On my sister’s super-fine Quarter Horse mare, Bella, trained by Sis herself


More horse lovers–the cowboys holding pirate swords are the grandsons, Git’R’Done and Roper. Then the granddaughters Blondie and Ladybug.

(back row) the nieces and, Frisco, the bratty Shetland pony.

I hope you enjoy your weekend, too, and until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy Gillian Welch and David Rawlings singing Six White Horses.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like ’em.

Duncan Oklahoma Horse Fair and Ranch Rodeo and the Passing of a Great Guinea Pig

A Post of Three Parts

  • Wherein we attend the Duncan, Oklahoma Horse Fair and Ranch Rodeo
  • Wherein we receive sad tidings
  • Wherein we discover Gramps’ life could be in danger

 This past weekend Gramps and I, and some of the kids, grandkids, and the sister’s crew trekked to Duncan, Oklahoma for the horse fair and Chisolm Trail Ranch Rodeo.

Cow Dog Trials

Cow Dog Trials

The weekend kicked off on Friday with a new event–Oklahoma Cow Dog ClassicTrial. Each dog and handler have an alloted time to herd three calves through the course. I wish our dogs could have attended, as well. They could’ve used some lessons from those good working dogs.

The Littlest Cowboy

The littlest cowboy out there warming up the horses with Dad.

Ranch rodeo differs from just plain old rodeo in that the contestants are working ranch hands and the events are real chores done on a ranch: stray gathering, wild cow milking, branding, and ranch bronc riding.

Twelve teams competed each night. Each team consisted of four contestants. The first night I rooted for team Empty Pockets because I fully identified with their unfortunate plight. They did pretty good out there, too. I was proud.

Duncan Ok Horse Sale

The next morning, we attended the horse and mule sale. Didn’t buy anything but enjoyed watching.

Grand entry Chisolm Trail Ranch Rodeo

At the grand entry

Branding Event

Branding Event

The next night, I rooted for team Three Fats and a Railer, because, really…how could I not with a descriptive title like that? They put the skinny guy on the saddle bronc and ended up doing pretty good for three fat guys, (and proud of it,) and a scrawny one. We left before they’d figured all the scores, so we don’t know which team won.

2. At the rodeo on night one, Son #2 delivered sad tidings. Rusty, the great and noble guinea pig and long time pet of grandkids, Blondie and Git ‘R’Done, had passed away.

Not an actual picture of Rusty, but close enough.

Not an actual picture of Rusty, but close enough.

(Seriously, I found the below image while searching for a guinea pig photo. I hope I’m never hungry enough to look at it and say, “Mm…that looks pretty tasty.” Ew.)

Cooked Guinea Pig

Happy to say Rusty avoided this fate.

Okay, so I’m getting a little off target.

We expected tears from six-year-old Blondie and we got ’em for a while, but she recovered quickly. That night in the hotel room with Gramps and me, she woke me with her weeping, however.

Nana: (mumbling) Why are you crying, Blondie?

Blondie: (Crying harder.) I can’t help it. I’ve been trying not to all night.

Nana: (mumbling harder) Get up and go to the bathroom, see if that helps…

I guess it did because I didn’t hear her anymore, but the next day I asked Gramps if he’d heard her. He hadn’t.

Blondie: I wasn’t crying because of Rusty, Nana. I was crying because of Gramps snoring. I just wanted him to stop…

So, Gramps, sleep with one eye open. A little girl might be approaching your head with a pillow and crying into the darkness, “Make it stop! I just want it to stop…!”

So What do y’all think?

  • Is Three Fats and a Railer a good team name, or what?
  • Would Rusty have tasted like chicken?
  • Should Gramps worry?

A big thanks to the Duncan, OK, Hampton Inn for the clean room, comfy bed, and surprisingly good breakfast.

Blondie and Git’R’Done, this song Where There is Faith by 4Him will comfort you about your good and faithful friend. Rest in peace, Rusty.

Until next time, God bless.