New Arrivals At The Ranch Pen In Southwest Oklahoma

Border Collie Pup


Our long awited puppy has finally come to live on the home place. We changed her name to Nellie to avoid confusing her with a close family member. According to her breeder, Shawna, Nellie’s a mixture of border collie, scotch collie, and Austrailian shepherd. Choosing her from the other girls in the litter was hard because…well…I wanted them all. In the end, Nellie came to live with Gramps and me because she has already begun to show some interest in livestock–which is what we need, as well as a pet.

As I’ve mentioned before, Baxter Black is one of my favorite cowboy poets and story tellers and having a pup on the place again reminds me of this tale about an ol’ ranch gal, her dentures, her pup, and some missionaries.


I’m so happy I don’t have dentures, yet, although I do have a story about two missionaries who startled me and another of our dogs in the backyard one time and all three of us ladies ended up shrieking and flapping around like a bunch of old hens.

Daughter-in-law #2 and I had an adventure getting her pup and mine home–part of which entailed barf in my lap and barf in daughter-in-law’s purse–but we made it and Nellie has settled into her job as the ranch hound, happily snoozing, shredding, digging, chewing, chasing, slopping, and dripping. Gramps and I are extrememly happy to have her.

Mama cat and New Kittens

The other new arrivals

And Paisley–formerly the extrememly expectant and miserable barn cat–finally presented six kitties. (Blondie, the granddaughter, says Paisley popped the kitties out. Her mother winces every time she says it. I don’t know why.) But, well done, Paisley!

God bless all y’all and enjoy Buddy Greene and Jeff Taylor doin’ Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like ‘em.

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Early Morning Rain in Southwest Oklahoma

Southwest Oklahoma after an early morning rain

Southwest Oklahoma after an early morning rain

We had an early morning rain today. Thank the Lord…and Yee Haw! About .33″–not much, but the winter wheat already looks happier 🙂

'The Fellers' Border Collies Tip and Ringo

‘The Fellers’ Border Collies Tip and Ringo

‘The Fellers,’ Tip and Ringo enjoyed their early morning run in the wet fields.