New Book At The Ranch Pen

Finally, the third book in my Love Is Not Enough series is out and about on Amazon! It’s available in print or ebook format. The ebook version is also available through Kindle Unlimited and for free sharing with family and friends with Kindles or the Kindle app which works great on iPhone or Androids.

The third book in the Love Is Not Enough Series begins with Annie DeRossi Campbell uneasily trying to establish a life with rancher’s son, Karl Campbell, as his wife instead of the reserved Navajo woman who has always run the barren ridge-lines of her life like a wild mare trying to survive. Abused and shamed by the father of her five-year-old son, Annie distrusts love and is desperate to keep her past hidden from her new husband no matter the cost. When his awkward tenderness threatens to storm the barriers she has built around her heart, she commits a misstep so earth-shattering it leaves Runs Alone Girl sifting through the ruins of her marriage for the truth of what love really means.

Another newlywed, cowboy and inexperienced Christian, Gil Howard, has returned from his honeymoon with Katie to the news his alcoholic father has decided to return to Colorado to die. Resentful at the past dumped in his lap and unconvinced of his father’s stumbling efforts to return to Christ, Gil just wants his dad to keep his drama to himself. His young bride, however––raised in a sect of faith-healers, sheltered, and innocent—seems to have been taken in by his old man’s phony imitation of Apostle Paul and wants him to be his dad’s buddy. Will Gil’s faith conform to biblical truths, or will he be buried––along with his fledgling marriage—beneath the weight of the past?

Runs Alone Girl continues the story of two ranching families in the mountains of western Colorado. Gritty, realistic, politically incorrect, and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, it takes a look at what happens when the love, marriages, and family relationships of ordinary people with extraordinary faith are put to the test.

Runs Alone Girl is the third book in the series and is not intended as a stand alone novel, so if you want to start at the beginning, start with The Cedar Tree, Book One. (It has a new cover but no new content, so my advice as a tightwad? Don’t throw down another $.99 for another one if you’ve already got it.)

After an injury forces cowboy Gil Howard from the rodeo circuit and an accident kills his girlfriend, he seeks out his grandfather in Colorado, a rancher and minister in a sect of faith healers. Wild, restless, and angry at his alcoholic father, Gil drifts in a life suddenly foreign to him until he meets intriguing rancher’s daughter, Katie Campbell—only to find no one wants him with her, including Katie herself, who has a longstanding attachment to her childhood friend and sweetheart. When a mountain storm throws the two of them together, Gil finds himself in love for the first time and his life begins to come together in unexpected ways. Then tragedy strikes and he is left struggling to reconcile his past with his new faith and his shattered dreams. Will there ever be another message from Katie in the cedar tree?

Wailing Woman Creek is book two in the series. (Once again, book two has a new cover but no new content, so my advice as a tightwad remains the same. Don’t buy another one if you’ve already got it.)

In book two of the Love Is Not Enough Series, the unexpected death of Annie DeRossi’s grandmother—an old midwife in a sect of faith healers—leaves the grieving young Navajo woman and her small son in dire straits, forcing her choice between easy-going Colorado rancher’s son, Dave Campbell, and his straight-laced brother Karl.  She gravely underestimates the toll her marriage vows will take on the three of them and when desperate secrets are uncovered, ghosts from her past threaten to destroy the marriage almost before it has begun.

Meanwhile, Gil Howard—cowboy, financially strapped sheep rancher, and new Christian—pops the question to Katie Campbell, entering an unusual agreement with her dad in an attempt to rein in his passions even while the image of his alcoholic father taunts him with doubts he can overcome his former lifestyle. Is he running a huge bluff on Katie that will come back to bite them both if he marries her?

Gritty and realistic, Wailing Woman Creek returns the full cast of characters from The Cedar Tree, offering an authentic look at ranch life and settings as diverse as the mountains of western Colorado, the barren Navajo reservation of New Mexico, and the forests of North Carolina.

As always, God bless all y’all and thanks so much for reading what I write. Everyone runs what they read through their own experiences, but my hope is you’ll find some good stuff in Runs Alone Girl and the other books in the series.

Horse Lovers At The Ranch Pen


Grand entry at the 2013 Chisholm Trail Ranch Rodeo

Once again, it’s time for us horse lovers and ranch rodeo fans to attend The Oklahoma Horse Fair and Chisholm Trail Ranch Rodeo in Duncan, Oklahoma. One of the horse fair events this year is the Colt Starting Challenge USA competition to see which of the contestants are best at taming and riding a young horse while we watch. (If you like, click on the link for a post on the event last year, Duncan Oklahoma Horse Fair and Ranch Rodeo and the Passing of a Great Guinea Pig.)

Since I’m away from the Ranch Pen, I’ll just post a few horse-y type pics. Last week we had a 70* day (hard to imagine, this week) and one of the few almost windless days we get in southwest Oklahoma. My sister–who we will call Sis–called to see if I wanted to mount up. To which I replied, “I’m on my way. (I have to bum rides since I’m currently unmounted, but ever shopping for the perfect granny horse who won’t dump me and break my bones.)


The nieces, JA and TL, with Sis, all horse lovers who train their own horses which I posted about in these two posts: Horse Girls of Southwest Oklahoma l, and Horse Girls of Southwest Oklahoma ll


On my sister’s super-fine Quarter Horse mare, Bella, trained by Sis herself


More horse lovers–the cowboys holding pirate swords are the grandsons, Git’R’Done and Roper. Then the granddaughters Blondie and Ladybug.

(back row) the nieces and, Frisco, the bratty Shetland pony.

I hope you enjoy your weekend, too, and until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy Gillian Welch and David Rawlings singing Six White Horses.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like ’em.

Horse Girls Of Southwest Oklahoma ll

Horse girls of sw Ok

Today I continue my interview with the second of favorite horse lovers, my niece, TL. She’s home schooled–rides the short bus, as she says–loves her teacher, and is eleven-years-old. She started riding a couple of years ago even though she was really nervous about it. Her bay gelding, General, was purchased at a local horse auction and is ten or eleven years old probably.

Even though General is already trained, TL is using some of the Down Under Horsemanship methods to make him into an even better, safer, kids’ horse and teach him better manners.

Tessa and General

Danni: TL, do you love General and does he love you?

TL: (unhesitating) Yes and yes.

Danni: What do you see yourself doing with horses in five years?

TL: I’d like to learn to do cool stuff better…barrel racing, trick riding, authentic trail riding–wait. What does authentic mean?

Danni: The real deal.

TL: Oh, yeah. Authentic trail riding, cross country, jumping, dressage.

Danni: Alrighty. Do you plan to train horses to sell? And will it be hard to see them leave, if you do?

TL: Yeah, after I learn the method better, I’d sell. If we had enough room I’d just keep the horses, though. It’d be hard to sell if I was attached. But if I had to sell, I would.

Danni: Why do you enjoy horses so much?

TL: Well, one day they’re sweet and nice, the next, mean and grouchy, but I have a good horse. Really good natured.

Danni: How much does General eat each day and do you have to buy his feed?

TL: I don’t buy feed. He eats…oh…seventy pounds? Thirty? Quite a bit. I buy my own tack.

Danni: What kind of saddle do you ride?

TL: I ride a barrel saddle and use a regular brow band headstall with a curb bit. Five-inch shanks. Extra long nylon roping reins.

Tessa and General

Danni: What are your favorite breeds of horses?

TL: Oh, I like the generic cross-breds like General. He has a big trot and a good personality. I also like Thoroughbreds because they can jump and do dressage and cross country. Quarter Horses, too, because Mom has one and you can teach them western stuff. I like the western stuff.

Danni: What are some of your favorite horse books?

TL: The Saddle Club, but mainly the Felicity books because she has a horse named Penny.

Danni: Well, TL, what is your favorite joke?

(We wait quite awhile. She wants to use JA’s cowboys changing light bulb joke, but I won’t accept that.)

TL: Okay, I’ve got it…Knock, knock?

Danni: Who’s there?

TL: Banana.

Danni: Banana who?

TL: Banana Bandana.

Danni: Did you make that up?

TL: Yes.

Well, TL, that was hilarious. 🙂 Auntie loves ya and thank you for talking with me. May you always stay on top of your horse and I wish you the very best in all your horse dreams.

Until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy Celtic Woman singing one of TL’s favorite songs,  Amazing Grace.

*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like ’em.