Oh, Yeah? It Did Too Rain Again At The Ranch Pen


Nellie, preparing for that cloud to rain the bottom out


Anyone who has read the blog for the past year or two knows we in southwestern Oklahoma–and basically the entire southwest US have been in a horrendous drought for years. Our farming communities have met to pray for rain, we ask for rain in church, in graduation invocations, farmer’s co-op meetings, football games, and rodeos. We have signs and billboards reminding us to pray for rain. Through the years when God has said no to our prayers for rain, we’ve then asked for strength to endure until better times come…and we’ve kept praying for rain.

Farmers live by the weather, so we know there are weather cycles, but some people and nations make the weather into a political issue, arguing about the future planetary destruction caused by global warming, climate change, greenhouse emissions, cow farts, ozone, etc. A few months ago, “they” (whoever “they” might be, meteorologists, scientists, weather girls, fortune tellers…your guess is as good as mine) issued a long-range weather forecast, which those of us in the agriculture community received with consternation in our drought stricken land of dried up rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, and wells. The report read something like this:

Blah blah blah blah blah climate change blah blah formerly known as global warming blah blah blah blah blah Al Gore blah blah blah blah cow farts blah. Blah blah blah It’s never going to rain again in southwest Oklahoma blah blah blah end of civilization blah blah blah. The United Nations can probably fix it we bet blah blah blah. Blah blah cows are evil and smell bad blah blah blah.

(Al Gore might not have been specifically mentioned by name.)


Son #1 holding a carp he found on a flooded road

Anyway, we kept praying for rain even with that long-range prediction hanging over our heads like a dust cloud and I’m ever so thankful to report that forecast wasn’t quite spot-on. Over the past several weeks, God has opened the heavens to us again, pouring out rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, and wells full of rain.


Grandson Git’R’Done prepared in case the water keeps rising


As always, thank you so much for reading. God bless all y’all with full ponds and enjoy Jeremy Camp doing Walk By Faith.




Believe It Or Not A Beautiful Sight At The Ranch Pen

I hope everybody in the USA had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Gramps and I certainly did. In addition to having our family at home, it rained all weekend and we were ever so thankful the rain messed up our cookout plans. Scenes like these at the home place in southwest Oklahoma have been a long time comin’.






Below is the US drought map from a few days ago, so yeah…some of us out here in the exceptional drought areas of Texas and Oklahoma were needing those showers of rain we got.


Three inches of rain won’t fix the drought, but hopefully it primed the pumps–so to speak–and the Good Lord will give us what we need to fill the lakes, rivers, aquifers, and ponds, and soak the dry ground in these huge areas of the southwestern United States.

Until next time, God bless all y’all with water in your ponds and enjoy David Wesley doing an awesome job on God Of Wonders.

*This artist doesn’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just love his music.


Southwest Oklahoma–A Dry And Thirsty Land

Southwest Oklahoma

O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is…

~From The Psalms of the Holy Bible~

Hanging On

Like everybody else with livestock in western Oklahoma, Gramps and I are trying to hang onto our core cow herd until the drought breaks. One of the main problems we face is the ponds have all dried up, or are just mud holes. Without the ponds, we’re forced to drill for water for the livestock.

One of our cow farms (pictured above) had a shallow well and a windmill, but it wouldn’t keep up with the livestock’s needs, so we hired a new–and deep–well drilled. Gramps and son #2 have been working to install the electric line, pump, and water lines so we can move the cow herd to that place.

The Dust Bowl

This week while I battled a summer cold, I watched Ken Burns‘ documentary, The Dust Bowl. I bawled like a baby sometimes–it was like listening to Gramps’ parents and grandparents again. And I was proud of them for being the Okies who stuck it out. I highly recommend watching if you can.


A Grasshopper Plague

One of our other problems is grasshoppers eating all the forage. The nasty things eat everything. If we don’t get rains soon, they’ll strip pastures, tree rows, and even start on wood fence posts. I’m not kidding.This is a picture of the “cow kicker” on Gramps’ truck after driving through the pasture:

grasshoppers in OKlahoma

This summer cold has sapped my brains and left them a virtual dry and thirsty land, too, so until next time, God Bless all y’all and enjoy the Cathedrals singing I Thirst. (This is a really good one.)


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just love ‘em.

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