Dogs Versus Frogs At The Ranch Pen

Nellie on the set of her new film, Dogs Versus Frogs

Nellie on the set of her new film, Dogs Versus Frogs

Big news at the Ranch Pen. Our two dogs, Nellie and Trace, are starring in their own movie titled Dogs Versus Frogs. The rains from earlier in the summer hatched a crop of tadpoles that turned into a plague of frogs similar to the one in Egypt in the days of Moses. Concerned about the possibility of a world-wide power grab by frogs, Nellie and Trace bravely blew off threatening phone calls from PETA and the Humane Society about cruelty to amphibians, and hurled themselves into this selfless quest to end frog overpopulation before it was too late. I, for one, applaud their ineffective heroic efforts.

As a visual aid before we begin today’s video, in the picture below I’ve circled a small sampling of disgusting frogs just chillin’ around ol’ Danni’s fish pond.


Now for today’s feature. Enjoy.



Nellie and Trace hope you loved Dogs Versus Frogs, The Movie Trailer and wanted me to say God bless all y’all and if anyone has a good recipe for frogs’ legs mail it to: Dog House A and Dog House B, c/o the Ranch Pen.


Top Ranch Pen Posts Of 2014–#3

The third most viewed post of 2014 was this one co-authored by the happiest extrovert I know, our border collie dog, Nellie. Nothing dampens her vibrant enthusiasm for life. Sometimes she makes me think of the lines in Dr. Seuss’ timeless book–a favorite of my grandkids–One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish:

“Did you ever fly a kite in bed?

Did you ever walk with ten cats on your head?

Did you ever milk this kind of cow? Well we can do it. We know how.

If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good…”

~Dr. Seuss~

Anyone who suffers from the doldrums needs to come and hang out with Nellie for a bit. She is fun and fun is good.


IMG_4869Nellie’s “nelfie” 


I didn’t go ahead and succumb to my disease of last week, but while laid up, I did a lot of reading. Somewhere on the internet, someone declared that 2013 was the year of the “selfie”. Farm people have joined in the selfie craze, too. They’ve been posting what they call “felfies” of themselves doing chores around their outfits with their livestock and so forth. What an idea to my fevered brain! Gramps and I could also take felfies to entertain educate the public. Even though we here at the Ranch Pen are often a day late and a dollar short, we eventually try to get with it and keep up with the times.

Temporarily Foiled Again

Before we could implement that public service, however, I was forbidden by my sister a close relative to take selfies of…well…myself and post them on the blog. All is not lost, however. Our border collie, Nellie, has graciously agreed to let me post some of her un-copyrighted “nelfies”.

Who Said Beauty Is Only Skin Deep?

Nellie is about nine months old now, and she has grown into a beautiful dog with lovely, silken fur. In spite of her unusual beauty, she isn’t a bit puffed up about it and has maintained a modest, down-to-earth–but rambunctious fun-loving–attitude. If you are looking for shots of low cut tops, short skirts, or exposed muffin tops, you have come to the wrong dog’s blog.

Without Further Ado

The best “nelfies” of 2014, so far:



Nellie has a few problems handling the iPhone without opposable thumbs, so that’s all the “nelfies” for now, but she wanted to include one more even though it’s not technically a “nelfie”. She calls the one below–taken on a very windy day with her Pack Leader/Old Person, or PLOP–a “wet wilfie” in reference to the ol’ tongue in the ear, or “wet willie”.



Until next time, God bless all y’all and in honor of our grandson, Kevman, who Son and Daughter #3 adopted into our family almost seven years ago, I’ll leave you with Steven Curtis Chapman singing, All I Really Want For Christmas. To anyone who wants a child, or two, or ten, I urge you to consider adoption. There’s a world full of kids waiting for someone to love them.

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