Ode To A Green Cowdog In Southwest Oklahoma

Border Collie Pup

Ode To A Green Cowdog

~By Danni McGriffith, a partially homeschooled person~

Nell, your first cowdog outing started out so well,

just you, and Gramps, and me,

but maybe we shoulda left you home,

chewin’ your bone beneath a tree?

Still, how could we have known after just a mile,

you’d turn so very green?

And how could you know instead of a smile,

you’d have to leave Gramps a little pile?

Bravely you fought on! A cowdog never quits!

But after two more piles,

Gramps has had it–“Ok, this is it!”

(What’d he have to be so grumpy about, anyway? Seriously. Hasn’t he ever had an upset stomach?)

I know I should not laugh so heartily,

Indeed it’s very shocking.

But happy am I, dearest Nell,

You barfed on Gramps instead of me!

(At my home school, we learned free-form poetry. It’s very liberating to not worry about rhyming everything and those pesky meter things.)

Until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy Gillian Welch and David Rawlings tearin’ up his guitar on The Rock of Ages.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like ‘em.

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