6 thoughts on “Best Money You’ll Ever Spend

    • Good deal! I’m glad you got a copy. I checked on amazon after I got your last comment with no luck. My next thought was ebay.
      And I completely agree with you–somebody needs to get Joe’s books back in print. My husband called him a while back about some bulls. Maybe I should get him to call again then just say, “Hey, by the way…” 🙂

  1. Your phone number was right on. BUT 😦 Joe did two books – both are currently out of stock and no reprint currently planned although High Plains Journal said they get calls requesting DAILY! We need to rally on this

  2. Got mine but like your idea. I want to purchase a copy of Lookin” at Life by Joe Kreger for a friend. Have had my copy since 1997. Can you help please?

    • Hi, Diana 🙂 Joe Kreger is such an awesome cowboy poet. I have one of his cd collections called Gatherin’ Strays. It’s really good.
      I read Joe’s poetry in the High Plains Journal. I’ll give you the phone number I have which I believe will take you to their office, but they sell his cd’s. If they can’t hook you up, they probably can give you more info on how to contact him. The number is 1-800-954-5263
      Thanks so much for visiting 🙂

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