#4 Most Viewed Ranch Pen Post

All seven of the grandkids got to help decorate the Christmas tree at the Ranch Pen this year. They proclaimed it the most beautiful one they have ever done. I have to agree.


No, ol’ Danni didn’t kick the bucket back at the Ranch Pen, but it’s been a dismal year for the poor blog. Maybe next year will go better. Until then, I’ll post some of the most viewed posts from this year. Surprisingly enough, none of the posts went viral–including the fourth most viewed 2016 post, Cranky at the Ranch Pen–but here she is, anyway.


Danni with Ladybug, Roper, Git’R’Done, Blondie, and Einstein

I’ve got a cold and am a little cranky this week, so naturally my thoughts turned to the subject of “transgendered” bathrooms.  I usually avoid political and social commentary, but the past few weeks the issue of transgendered bathrooms has cropped up in the news several times and the issue is important to me. Maybe it’s because Gramps and I just took five of our grandkids on our annual trek to the horse fair and ranch rodeo at Duncan, Oklahoma, and we used the public restrooms approximately 585 times over a two day span.

Unfortunately, more and more cities and states seem to think there aren’t enough weirdos preying on women and girls, so we need to let into our restrooms the dudes who say they feel like women. (We should just take their word on that, because, hey, that’s not weird at all, and dudes like that always tell the truth.)

Since I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, I wasn’t a bit surprised when I recently read an article where one of those crackpot transgendered restroom ordinances had mysteriously gone awry and some dude had ended up terrorizing women and girls in a public restroom. One of the pro-transgendered-bathroom-use-people interviewed was completely baffled how such a thing had happened. Unfortunately, at this time there doesn’t seem to be a way to tell the trans people from just regular creeps, but take heart, the brains of the outfit are working on it.

Oklahoma is a conservative state, even has an open carry gun law (is it possible a man who said he felt like a woman would feel more like a man for long enough to do his business if he knew one of the old gals in the ladies room was packing heat?), so I hope the public bathrooms around here will stay fairly simple–as in dudes go in the door with the dude on it and girls go in the door with the girl on it. Even so, Gramps’ll keep watching out for the grandsons in the men’s room, and I’ll post a guard for the granddaughters in the ladies room and I don’t care what laws are passed, if a dude walks in where my little granddaughters are innocently doing their business there’s gonna be hair in the butter. That’s just me talkin’, but it might be time for some of us gals to start yelling our heads off about this before it’s too late.



As always, thanks so much for reading. God bless all y’all and enjoy Lauren Daigle doing a beautiful job on Noel.

4 thoughts on “#4 Most Viewed Ranch Pen Post

  1. As always, Danni, delightful humor and heaps o’ common sense. Strangely enough, we were in Scotland this summer where many a public bathroom is open to all genders – there may be a “man” or “woman” sign on the stall door, but all stalls lead to the same sink area. Consequently, I became well acquainted with all public bathrooms in a 10 mile radius as my “wee” ones seemed to need to do just that more often than I would have liked 🙂

    Hope you and yours are well, Danni!

    • Wonderful to “see” you Anna 😊
      Scotland! That sounds wonderful. We didn’t get that far away, but Gramps, and I, and our oldest grandson got to visit Yellowstone this past summer. Many of the public toilets were for whoever was in line, and were individual spaces, not stalls, which at least affords privacy. (With everyone using them the cleanliness aspect was totally disgusting, though.) Oi, what a day when people ain’t got nothin’ better to worry about than where we do our business. So ridiculous. Seems pretty simple–get in, do your business, get out. I am rapidly turning into a dinosaur, I fear. Will anyone build special dinosaur facilities, I wonder?🤔
      Love to you and yours and hoping you have a wonderful Christmas season.

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