Just Stroking The Ol’ Chin Whisker At The Ranch Pen

image via somewhere on the internet

image via somewhere on the internet

I was going to write one of my countrified odes such as Ode To a Green Cow Dog, Ode To a Little Goat (deceased), and Trumpet of the Schwan Man in honor of National poetry month, but couldn’t think of anything that rhymed with orange, so abandoned that idea.

Then I sat brainstorming (I use the term loosely) other blog post ideas. Hmm… Maybe I could share my mushroom growing experiment with step by step pictures, including the ones with the mold? No. Limited interest since they were just plain mushrooms and not the psychedelic kind.

Maybe other spring chores I’ve been attending, such as house and yard cleaning…?

Painting old furniture with chalk paint…?

What all is going on with the crops and cattle…?


I stroked my chin whisker deep in thought. That’s when the thought hit me.

I seriously need to pluck that thing.

Then I argued with myself. Naw. I’ll have to get up and find the tweezers and nobody’ll notice one little whisker except Gramps, anyway.

But…he wouldn’t have married me if he had known I’d have whiskers in thirty-five years. You know he wouldn’t have.

Good grief. What am I thinking? He didn’t have that weird eyebrow hair back then, either. Or, hair in his ears. That’s what I’ll tell him if he brings it up.

Oh, piddle. Now, this whisker’s gonna drive me nuts…

Excuse me one second…

Okay, back again. We have entered the God-have-mercy season–otherwise known as tornado season–here in Oklahoma. There have been some weak twisters in the areas north and south of us, but all we’ve had are thunderstorms, so far. A few evenings ago, a thunderstorm rolled through and when it left, the light was just right for the super cool pictures below.




The next pictures are from a different storm and these clouds had hatched some tornados and large hail before they reached us. They were still lazily rotating overhead.



As always, thanks for reading and until next time, everybody stay safe in the storms. God bless all y’all and enjoy Casting Crowns singing Praise You In This Storm.

2 thoughts on “Just Stroking The Ol’ Chin Whisker At The Ranch Pen

  1. grandma Jessup, says not to worry about one little chin whisker. Later you will have a few hairs on the top lip to go with it. HA HA!!!!
    Thanks for the laugh, also a beautiful song.
    best regards jessup

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