Top Ranch Pen Posts 2015 #1

Gramps digging us out

Gramps digging us out

Before I get to the #1 most viewed Ranch Pen post, I’ll just say we’re digging out from the rain/ice-storm/blizzard/ice-storm-again that left the southern plains in a huge mess over the weekend, particularly southwest Oklahoma where we have widespread power outages. Sustained winds from Saturday to Monday morning of 40-50+ mph and higher gusts, plus drifted snow and ice brought the power supply to a screeching halt. We own a generator, so we are all right–good thing since the rural electric company said it’ll be two-three weeks before they get us back on real power. We haven’t been able to get to all the farms to check cattle, yet, but the critters on the home place–dogs, horses, cats, and chickens all survived.

The #1 post of the year is the same as last year, How To Get Your iPhone To Read Your Kindle Books And Magazines To You. The fact that this particular post is #1 is as hilarious as last year, considering I recently wasted valuable hours of my life trying to figure out how to update my contact list from iPhone to iCloud so I could have it on iPad. Perhaps I’ll do a techie post about that, too. Who knows? How to Update Your Contact List So You Can Do Your Christmas Cards in Twenty-Five Hours and Thirty Easy Steps might be my #1 view next year.

(An FYI, this method works for Kindle on iPad, too. )


Today is my first ever techie post: How To Get Your iPhone To Read Your Kindle Books And Magazines To You Even Though It Seems Like There Should Be An Easier Way To Do It. (Like straight from the Kindle App. I’m just sayin’.) If you have your Kindle read aloud to you a lot, you might find it handy to have your books read from your iPhone, too.

Screenshot from World Magazine on Kindle App for iPhone

Random screenshot from World Magazine on my Kindle App for iPhone. Your iPhone will read this to you.

Everybody who knows me is laughing their heads off that I would tackle a tech issue, but this is something daughter-in-law #2 and I have been trying to figure out for a while. Finally, Eureka! If I’m the last iPhone/Kindle reader left alive who didn’t know how to do this, please be kind–I’m not as young as I used to be.

(***Update 9-29-2015 since iOS 9 update)

Step#1: Open your Kindle app to the book page or magazine you want to read.

Step#2: Quickly tap the home button three times. A female voice will say, “Voiceover on”.

Step #3: Swipe two fingers down the screen for continuous reading.

Step #4: When you finish, be sure and tap the home button quickly three times. The female voice will say, “Voiceover off”.

Step #5: Go ahead and live your life in real time–smell the flowers, play with your dog, look at the stars with your kids.

Thank you, whoever made this operation so much simpler than it used to be!

(**Update 6-11-2015 from Paula who left this tip on the blog comments)

There is a shortcut: If you go to settings/General/Accessibility Shortcut (at the very bottom) and check off voiceover – then you can control whether it is off or on with three taps on the home button.

If that doesn’t work for you, try the following steps.

Step #1: Open your Kindle App to whatever book or article you want read aloud.

Step #2: Then hold down the home button to activate SIRI.

Step #3: Tell Siri to turn on VoiceOver.

(When Siri turns on VoiceOver, the phone is controlled by voice commands.)

Step #4: Hold home button to activate Siri again. Tell her to open Kindle App. She will open Kindle to the page you previously opened.

Step #5: Tap the screen. Then double tap the screen to get rid of the Kindle menu.

Step #6: Swipe two fingers down the screen and VoiceOver will begin reading aloud in a female voice. (You might have to try a few times. My phone was very uncooperative until I figured it out.)

Step #7: When you have finished reading, be sure to de-activate VoiceOver by holding down your iPhone’s home button and telling Siri to turn off VoiceOver.

No need to thank any of us down here at the Ranch Pen–especially if we’re the last ones to figure out that nifty trick.

Until next time, God bless all y’all and tell your iPhone to read you some good books.



As always, thanks so much for reading and I wish you all the best for the coming new year.

2 thoughts on “Top Ranch Pen Posts 2015 #1

  1. I have a odd post about tarot card reading that gets hit a crazy amount of times. .. 😜
    I laugh at the 5 hr/37 step directions for the iPhone!! I’m an android user and my boss constantly wants his iPhone to have the same apps I have. It’s hard going back and forth between platforms!

    • One of these days maybe my good posts will line up with the views! That’d be great.
      I have a hard time switching platforms too. I’ve got one odd ball Microsoft laptop in with the Apple stuff and when I get on it I promise myself I won’t do that again lest my brain explode. Thank you for visiting 😊

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