Top Ranch Pen Posts 2015 #5

This year’s fifth most viewed post was the same as last’s–the author page on the blog. My plan this time last year was to have finished the third book in the Love Is Not Enough Series tentatively titled, Runs Alone Girl. Sometimes life intervenes, however, and that didn’t happen. As all us farm and ranch types out here in the country say after crop failures, low prices, weather that kills our cattle, and other life disappointments, “Maybe next year.”

At any rate, thank you all very much. In case you want to know, my hair is still a mess, and Gramps and I remain perpetually baffled looking as you will be able to see in the picture at the end of today’s post.


For Blog

Danni and her husband, Gramps

Danni McGriffith is the author of Agnes Campbell’s Hat–a novel for middle grade and young adult readers–as well as The Cedar Tree and Wailing Woman Creek, the first two books in the Love Is Not Enough series about two ranching families set in western Colorado. She blends a lifetime of experience with farm and ranch life, humor, and her Christian worldview into the stories she writes. Presently, she is working on the third book in the Love Is Not Enough series.

Danni home-schooled her three sons for sixteen years then finally graduated the last one and retired from that endeavor. After that, she started writing in earnest, unwilling to waste all those years of english classes. Most of what she writes is  politically incorrect but realistic Christian fiction, incorporating her lifelong love of horses, farming, ranching, and the Lord Jesus. She generally writes and blogs with her tongue firmly in her cheek because her foot is taking up the rest of the space in her mouth.

Danni and Gramps have been married 34+ years. They have three grown and married sons and seven grandkids featured on the blog from time to time–Kevman, Blondie, Roper, Eisnstein, Git’R’Done, Ladybug, and the newest member, Tater.

Danni and Gramps grow wheat and forage for cattle on about 850 acres in southwestern Oklahoma. They run a cow-calf operation with 80-100 mama cows, mostly black angus. McGriffith farms are scattered here and there across a ten-mile radius, but at the home place, Danni keeps her chickens in an old school bus–one of Gramps’ harebrained great ideas. She also keeps a rotating menagerie of cats, dogs, orphan calves, and a horse or two–at present the grandkids’ Shetland pony, Frisco, and her perfect granny-horse mare, Sis, who is too fat and lazy to buck. (Danni hopes.)


Gramps and Danni trying to figure out what’s going on at our church Christmas dinner a night or two ago at the catfish place

Until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy Casting Crowns doing one of my favorites, I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day.

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