NaNoWriMo Week Three At The Ranch Pen

In week three of NaNoWriMo already and over 42,000 words of the rough draft of the sequel to Agnes Campbell’s Hat whacked out. I don’t like this method of writing at all–it is just a huge mess–but since I’ve started, I’ll try to finish.

“But why don’t you like writing like the wind, Danni?” somone might ask.

Well, read the paragraph below for the answer. That literary gem came out of a five minute word sprint where I wrote as fast as I could for five minutes, correcting nothing.

He probably would’ve grabbed a while mans shirt or something maybe britches if thawed been washing which they might note been because hi gather they didn’t do much of that maybe he gathered some leather pants and a leather jacket if that was the case he’d be blasting in it but not getting his skin clustered but being hot summertime the makes indians wouldn’t have been wearing much so however that works maybe young dropped an article of clothing for him knowing he’d be in bad shape for clothes maybe he comes on a white mans house or even and indians on the reservation and borrows some clothes hanging on the ,line the prairie fire might be racing along behind him blowing smoke and cinders o all over him because they’ve got a thirty mine per hour hot wind and the fire is going like a freight train faster than the pony can run does he like to kill the horse does the piny drop dead and leave hi on foot by the time they get to the prairie dog fork of the red there by the whichitas a maybe so because judd fords the suck holes half wishing to get sucked in again but all that happens is its hard for him to get out and he has to go on and he’s tired as all get out and the comanches aren’t too far behind him and if they catch hi m again they;; for sure lift his scalp.


On a good note, my fellow Oklahomans have whacked out over 1,754,000 words as of this morning, and on a worried note, I’m seriously hoping their novels are making more sense than mine. If not, it bodes ill for our future as a civilization.

Thanks so much for reading and God bless all y’all. For everybody in the U.S., have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving holiday next week.

1 thought on “NaNoWriMo Week Three At The Ranch Pen

  1. Hey, the rough draft is at least something. But that’s why they call it ROUGH. You just gotta hope you can make heads or tails of it when you want to go back and figure out what you said! I think I’m with you, though. Maybe it doesn’t have to be quite so fast and gobblydegookish. : )

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