Dogs Versus Frogs At The Ranch Pen

Nellie on the set of her new film, Dogs Versus Frogs

Nellie on the set of her new film, Dogs Versus Frogs

Big news at the Ranch Pen. Our two dogs, Nellie and Trace, are starring in their own movie titled Dogs Versus Frogs. The rains from earlier in the summer hatched a crop of tadpoles that turned into a plague of frogs similar to the one in Egypt in the days of Moses. Concerned about the possibility of a world-wide power grab by frogs, Nellie and Trace bravely blew off threatening phone calls from PETA and the Humane Society about cruelty to amphibians, and hurled themselves into this selfless quest to end frog overpopulation before it was too late. I, for one, applaud their ineffective heroic efforts.

As a visual aid before we begin today’s video, in the picture below I’ve circled a small sampling of disgusting frogs just chillin’ around ol’ Danni’s fish pond.


Now for today’s feature. Enjoy.



Nellie and Trace hope you loved Dogs Versus Frogs, The Movie Trailer and wanted me to say God bless all y’all and if anyone has a good recipe for frogs’ legs mail it to: Dog House A and Dog House B, c/o the Ranch Pen.


8 thoughts on “Dogs Versus Frogs At The Ranch Pen

    • Thank you for visiting! 🙂 The dogs keep trying to rid the planet of frogs, but they are sadly outnumbered. We’ve also had a bunch of snakes move in to dine. I hear distressed frogs as they’re swallowed alive all the time. So gross. My last hope is for the coming winter to control the population.

  1. This was so fun to watch (maybe not for the frogs)! Brava!

    I’m impressed. Do you have some kind of movie software? I might like to try my hand at a “movie” sometime. 😀

    • Thank you for visiting. I’ve got a Mac and it has a program called iMovie with templates where you insert your video and put in your own commentary, but the music and format is already there. It took a bit for me to figure it out, but it was fun. I don’t know if Microsoft has a similar program or not. I definitely think you should try your hand at movie making. My especiality is doing the ridiculous, but you could shoot higher and turn out something fabulous 😀

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