Kicking Off Summer At The Ranch Pen


We’ve had some truly spectacular cloud formations recently

Like everyone else this time of year, we’ve been insane busy, so I’ll just do a quick run-down of the recent goings on.

The wheat is almost ripe in our area, but because of recent torrential rains, some of the crop is in less than premium shape. We are certainly not griping about the rain, however. In May, many of the water reservoirs in southwestern Oklahoma went from 10% of capacity, or less, to full and spilling into the flood pools. We are calling it answered prayers.


Flood damaged wheat

In summers past, city people used to send their offspring back to the family farm to learn how to appreciate the value of hard work and to give them worthwhile ways to burn off their energy. I’m happy to say Gramps and I can still give our grandkids that benefit and twelve-year-old Kevman has been with us this week learning how to get his buns worked off the delights of life in the country. Gramps and Kevman haven’t done much farming, but they have built a lot of fence.

Kevman gearing up for the day with his frosted mini wheats. Note the time on the microwave. That is a.m.

Kevman gearing up for the day with his frosted mini wheats. The time on the microwave is 5:40. A.m.

We’ve had some new arrivals at the Ranch Pen in the animal department. Our grand-dog, Trace, who is actually Nellie’s littermate is one of them. He is Scotch Collie, Border Collie, and Australian Shepherd like Nellie, but he isn’t hyper like she is. Poor Nellie had forgotten he existed and at first thought he was a big, ugly, stupid invading her ranch, but they have since become good buddies.

Nellie and the big, ugly, stupid

Nellie and the big, ugly, stupid

The other arrivals are these two fur balls, Stubby’s kittens. Their names so far are yellow cat and white cat. The granddaughter, Blondie, usually names the cats around here, so we’ll see what she comes up with. There was another yellow kitten but it died and Stubby ATE IT. Gross! But what can we expect from a cat who chewed off her own tail?


Yellow Cat and White Cat

With all the rain last month, we had unusually cool temperatures, but finally we’ve got some heat so the nieces helped set up the pool yesterday. Yee haw! Let summer begin, and with it tee ball. The grandson, Roper, had his first tee ball game and it was hard to tell which team won, but all the kiddos were cute.

Roper's first tee ball game

Roper up to bat at his first tee ball game

That’s about it this week down here on the home place. I hope your summer has started off well, too. Thanks for reading and God bless all y’all while you enjoy Casting Crowns tearin’ up Thrive.

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