Trumpet Of The Schwan Man

by EK Johnson

by EK Johnson

Danni composing poetry

April is National Poetry Month, so in observance of that, I sat down and whacked out this poem for our Schwan’s delivery guy who keeps all us out here in the country from missing out on frozen delights. (And apologies to E.B. White for riffing off his excellent title, The Trumpet of the Schwan, I mean, Swan.)


Trumpet of the Schwan Man


You blow into my driveway my heart drops to my toes.

Is there money in the bank account?

The Good Lord only knows.

Your rural delivery brings us our ice cream,

Still, showing pictures of your six kids?

That’s really kinda mean.

Then you say, how you feelin’ bout those Signature Bars?

On sale just today…Buy ’em, try ’em,

You’ll thank your lucky stars.

I stand consid’ring your six kids, my dog sniffs your knees,

I sure don’t want your poor kids to starve,

Give me this and that, please.

Driving away, you seem sad! My guilt is pretty rough,

I only dropped eighty bucks this time,

Please…was that not enough?


~Danni McGriffith~


As always, thanks so much for reading, now go read some real poetry during April! God bless all y’all and enjoy Matt Redman doing his awesome 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord).


7 thoughts on “Trumpet Of The Schwan Man

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  3. I must confess I’ve never actually purchased from the Schwan Man; however, I love the vintage truck he drives around and admire his optimism. He’s riding on the hope that people will actually leave the confines of their home to purchase non-organic, sugary substances from a man in a truck decorated with fowl and emitting tinkle-y music. There is great optimism in that (which clearly paid off when he reached your doorstep 🙂 Love the poem, Danni. And the video – that’s one of my kids’ favorite songs!

  4. I have been known to see the Schwan guy parked in our driveway, and do a quick U-turn (hopefully unseen by him), and speed off the other direction. The guilt of not earning him enough points for his bonus was too much for me to handle. I don’t know what I would do with the six kids angle. GAH! Their stuff is pretty awesome, though. Way to whack out a poem, too, by the way. hahaha

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