Personality Of A Sunbeam, Bladder Of A Flea At The Ranch Pen

Gramps with the grandkids, Git’R’Done, Ladybug, Blondie, and Roper

A couple of weeks ago, along with my sister’s family, we gathered up as many grandkids as we could and headed down to the horse fair and ranch rodeo at Duncan, Oklahoma. Normally, I get a lot of really bad pictures, but this year I only managed to take a few really bad pictures. (Excluding the one above.) Why? you might ask. The correct answer would be that Ladybug–who has the personality of a sunbeam and is cute as can be at three-years-old–has the bladder and attention span of a flea.

Ladybug and I spent much of our time in the ladies’ room of the fair barn. The facilities there are pretty awesome apparently. The space is cavernous and echoes, sometimes with the barking from a stock dog on the end of some ranch lady’s leash. Perhaps twenty stalls of a dull, institution tan color are divided by a wide aisle where all us ranch lady types go in and out. Our boots scuff the concrete floor, which is covered in a film of grit from the arena. A really cool sink, like an old semi-circle horse trough, spouts water from only one of four spouts (I assume to conserve water because of western Oklahoma’s severe drought and water shortage). Also, there is an automatic paper towel dispenser. If you are three-years-old and stand directly beneath the towel dispenser jumping around and waving your hands, an astonishing amount of paper toweling will unfurl before your nana can drag you away. If you are not three-years-old, forget it. The blinking red eye will never detect your wrinkled old hands, no matter how vigorously you wave and mutter. Finally,  there was the big mirror above the trash can to make sure our hair looked good before Ladybug and I burst forth at a gallop, heading for the snack bar…to buy a drink, so we could return to the ladies room, etc, etc.

During my many treks to the facilities with Ladybug, I commanded Gramps to take pictures only to find he’s not any better than I am at that. However, he did take a video or two–one of which was upside down and the other in slow-mo. That one was hysterically funny, but we got it all fixed up for the Ranch Pen readers’ shock and awe.

The horse was not harmed in the making of this video, but seemed invigorated by his eight seconds of exercise. The rider, however, hit the fence hard enough to make Gramps lose control of the camera, so I had to cut off the end of the video. I believe the rider lived–at least until he staggered out of sight of the arena.

So, until next time, God help all y’all as you try to ride out your broncs–literal and figurative–and enjoy David Wesley doing his excellent job on Good Good Father.

5 thoughts on “Personality Of A Sunbeam, Bladder Of A Flea At The Ranch Pen

  1. I’ve spent a few hours of my life waiting outside public bathroom stalls. You probably assumed that you were done with those days when #3 graduated to “big boy pants”. Lol. Someone was saying the other day that grandparents who are actively involved with their grandkids are less likely to fall prey to Alzheimer’s. So, it may feel like they’re putting you in an early grave, but they are actually keeping you young! 😆

    I hadn’t heard the song until I saw it here. It had me sniffling over my sink of dishes, which really freaked the kids out. He is indeed the Good Father.

  2. I have 2 wee ones with flea-sized bladders who seem only to have to go when in public. At home they play with puzzles and Barbies and Legos for hours and “hold their water” with superhuman ability. In Costco, when it’s crowded and I have a cart the size of a U-Haul, they one-by-one must pee every 4 minutes. *sigh* I miss diapers. (Great post, Danni. Thanks for the smile!)

    • I know! What is the draw? I have rejoiced that we have so many grandsons because Gramps gets to take his turn, too. There is a hole-in-the-wall cafe we take the kids to sometimes with a bathroom at the end of a dark piled-up maze. (The bathroom sink drains in a five-gallon bucket.) All the kids LOVE that bathroom, especially the boys. I sit out there eating my burger and chortling while I imagine Gramps and the boys stuffed amongst the mop buckets. 😄
      Have a good weekend, Anna.

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