Wintertime At The Ranch Pen

Sunrise at the Ranch Pen

Winter sunrise at the Ranch Pen

I haven’t done an iPhone photo montage for a while, so here we go with some pictures–such as they are–of the goin’s on at the Ranch Pen recently.

The picture above reminded me of Jesus’ words in the gospel of Matthew: It will be foul weather to day:for the sky is red and lowering. That amazing sky ushered in our first real snowfall this winter, for which we in this drought stricken land were mightily thankful.


Wet, nitrogen-rich snow + cattle on pastures= poor man’s fertilizer

Nellie on Patrol

Nellie on snow patrol. Best day ever in a lifetime of really, really good days

We also had some super-fine weather for my sister, the nephew, two nieces, and me to saddle up the horse herd and move some cattle from one pasture to another so Gramps could wean calves. If anyone has read my book Agnes Campbell’s Hat, they might remember two of the horses from the book–General and Sarge.


The niece, JA, with her horse, Sarge, and my sister’s bay, Bella, on the left

IMG_0727The niece, TL, holding Skippy and her horse, General


The nephew on Skippy


From atop my mare, Sis

The grandkids, Blondie and Git’RDone, got to ride later on the grandkid pony. Frisco weighs about three-hundred pounds, but he has Little Horse Syndrome, which is related to Little Man Syndrome. While little men often drive big trucks, little horses hustle big attitudes. Frisco thinks he is a wild stallion. At one point that afternoon, he headed for the barn at his rapid chop with Blondie astride. She got quite a ride, but stayed on. Good for her! When I was her age I hurtled off ponies many times at the rapid chop. She’s shaping up to be a fine rider and so is Git’RDone as you can see in the next picture.


And finally, SNACKS!–the best part of any day at the Ranch Pen. (The moth balls were to keep rodents out of my saddles and tack in the barn. The kids did not eat the moth balls. I don’t think. They did, however, put a pretty serious dent in the Chips Ahoys.)


Ladybug, Blondie, Roper, and Git’RDone, slugging down milk after a “dangerous mission” hunting for mean raccoons 

I hope you enjoyed the montage from the Ranch Pen and until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy Nicole C Mullen doing her amazing song, Redeemer.

*This artist doesn’t necessarily endorse my bog, I just love her singing.

4 thoughts on “Wintertime At The Ranch Pen

    • I couldn’t tell if the moth balls indicated my descent into full-fledged old lady-hood with its urge to squirrel the stinky things throughout the house, or if it looked like the kids were snacking on them. Not sure which is worse ! Glad you dropped by, Erin 🙂

  1. The sunrises & sunsets have been pretty amazing the last few weeks. This morning was beautiful. Love the picture montage. Thankful for all God’s good things!

    • Sometimes the small things are the best. Sorry I didn’t get a good pic of you cowboying on Bella. I got one of you chasing that old fat cow up there on the south side, but you were too far away for me to figure out how to zoom in on my Phone while still maintaining a seat on my hoss (which I badly wanted to do). The sunrise this morning was breathtaking. Wish we could’ve bottled it up and saved it. That’s the hoarder blood in me talking, I guess. 🙂

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