Chaos, Humor, Beauty, and Grace At The Ranch Pen


I looked at my drawing board a few days ago (above) full of old projects, half-finished projects, and ideas for possible projects, and it struck me–my drawing board is a reflection of life at the home place right now. Chaos, humor, beauty, and grace.

As I mentioned in my last post about a month ago, a fifty-two-year-old man–who was most likely intoxicated and shouldn’t have been driving–plowed at 85+ mph into our son’s pickup and it is only the grace and mercy of God our son’s wife still has a husband, his kids still have a dad, and Gramps and I still have a middle son.

Our son is recovering from his injuries–which we are unutterably thankful for–but since the wreck I fully understand why the organization Mothers Against Drunk Drivers is called MADD. Gramps used to work with an alcoholic who liked to joke that he was a member of DAMM, Drunks Against Mad Mothers, but I wonder if the alcoholic would think that cute little acronym was still funny if a drunk killed or maimed his wife or child?

We are a family greatly blessed because we didn’t receive the news that #2 had been killed–so many other families have, and many more will as long as people continue to drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs and while the justice system continues to release repeat offenders. Sometimes we hear that the state doesn’t have enough money, or the jails are too full to keep all the impaired drivers off the roads…well, families, hospital beds, and graveyards are full of drunk drivers’ victims, too.

Next week if the good Lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise, I’ll try to run a few of the top Ranch Pen posts of 2014. Until then enjoy the Piano Guys doing a beautiful job on Come O Come Emmanuel and my prayer is for God to help all y’all through your chaos with humor, beauty, and grace. And, please…stay safe out there.


3 thoughts on “Chaos, Humor, Beauty, and Grace At The Ranch Pen

  1. I haven’t commented on here in awhile, but I have to say that my life is also a m—– (What is that word that begins with an m that means “a collection of things put together on paper that have a common quality or that represent parts of a whole”?) of chaos, humor, beauty, and grace.

    Chaos is not unusual for us, but we had a little extra lately. Since our normal routines have been broken, we seem to tumble from one day to the next. Our world has been turned on its ear in some ways, but funny moments continue to happen. Since reading that humor helps in (life) the recovery process for brain injuries, I’m all the more grateful for the threads of humor in our daily life. Everything’s a cause to life, even the morbid parts. Oi.

    Coming so close to losing him has caused me to be doubly thankful when we sit down to a family meal, to be thrilled to have him there while we decorated the tree, and to be aware of countless other beautiful things that were well under my radar in the days before the wreck.

    Grace–there’s been so much of it. None but God could bring me through all that has happened, and teach me how to see the good in it. He’s given me grace in many, many moments of dismay, and I praise Him for it. His mercies really are new each morning.

    One final note–not many daughter-in-laws can spend a few weeks in their mother-in-laws home in a time of duress and call it a blessing. I’m one lucky gal. You and Gramps truly blessed us, and (along with many others) eased our burden. We love you!!!!

    • Hm…the M word. Mess? Mangle? Mirage? 🙂 No, I know what you’re talking about but I’m getting nothing that starts with M. Perhaps someone with more brain cells than we have right now can let us know.
      I’m thankful for the grace that the Lord has extended to us all, too. I trust He can hear my heart, because words are not enough. The funny stuff really does help and I think you should hang onto that helmet the kids have that looks like a horse head. Hilarious 😀
      You are a blessing to me, too, dear girl, more than you know.

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