Random Lunacy At The Ranch Pen

Today, I’m way behind on everything I can be way behind on, so I just have a few random lunacies to share. Possibly because I looked in the mirror and one of my favorite Hank The Cowdog lines of all time popped into my head, I don’t know why.

You look like a fossil and your mother’s a lunatic…


(The quote is from The Case Of The Dinosaur Birds by John Erickson, a Texas rancher, author, and very funny guy. I suggest clicking the link and rushing over to Amazon.com to download Mr. Erickson reading the story. And…sorry, Mom.)


I came across some funny memes. First, the one below is amusing to those of us out on the open plains trying to farm, or even protect our hair-dos and small children from blowing away.


One of my young friends shared the one below with me and I thought it was hilarious:


And, finally, the one that made my sister and me laugh our heads off but that I’d probably better not show–as an ultra-conservative Christian grandma trying to maintain my super G rated blog–was a picture of a southern-fried, scruffy, shirtless, redneck guy leaning on his old pickup and chewing on a hay straw. He looks bummed. The meme says: We broke up, but she said we could still be cousins. 

And finally, talk about crazy. Like old man Gene Howard, a character in The Cedar Tree from my Love Is Not Enough series, we have skunks living under our house. I think his lives under his bathroom, and oddly enough…ours does, too! A couple of months ago, we had only one skunk, but then she had babies. We were so excited, as you might imagine. The babies make cute sounds under there, growling, and mewing, and scuffling around in the middle of the night. Fighting. Going off. Wonderful. So far, we have captured the dog and all the cats in the skunk trap, but no skunks. I believe the youngster skunks are beginning to venture into the yard, now, because last night when Gramps and I returned from church, Nellie the cowdog was running around like a lunatic, plowing up the ground with her nose, freshly sprayed with eau de young skunk.

Thanks so much for reading. Until next time God bless all y’all and enjoy Tim Hawkins doing his looney take on Delilah.



6 thoughts on “Random Lunacy At The Ranch Pen

  1. Discovering Hank the Cow Dog made our family vacation travels happy for years. Rarely a day goes by without some Hank quote slipping into conversation, although I never listened to the one you mentioned. (And, you MUST listen to the audiobook version to get the full benefit!)

    • Thank you so much for stopping by. My boys grew up listening to John Erickson read his Hank the Cowdog books and our family is full of Hank-isms. You are so right, the audiobooks provide the fullest experience–Mr. Erickson IS Hank when he reads. A few months ago, my grandsons and I listened to The Case of the Dinosaur Birds along with their dad, now age 28-ish, and I think my son and I enjoyed it more than the boys did, even. 😀

  2. We’re loving the random lunacy! Blondie snickered all the way through the Delilah song, despite the fact that we’ve heard it before. Git’R’Done looked puzzled and thought Tim Hawkins was singing about himself. (Note to Tim Hawkins–you’ll confuse small children if you sing the Delilah song while sporting a long ‘do.) I retold the story of Samson to him but he still looked confused.

    P.S. You’re the most well-preserved fossil I’ve ever seen.

  3. Hahahaha! Best laugh I’ve had for a while. The memes are great. I can’t decide which one is funnier. They both have their merit. And… Tim Hawkins is quoted around our house a lot. Funny guy.

    • The meme you sent me was hilarious, too, but I was afraid I might gross out the girls with it. Delilah is my favorite Tim Hawkins song altho the old rock stars bit he does is a close second. 😀

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