Taking The Buffalo By The Horns At The Ranch Pen

Last Labor Day weekend, we ceased from our labors on Friday night to attend the Beutler Brothers PRCA Rodeo in Elk City, Oklahoma. The Beutler family has good livestock, pro competitors, and the clown is funny.

This time they also hosted the One Armed Bandit and Company as their novelty act and I’ve included a video from Youtube of this amazing guy because a: to anyone who knows anything about livestock the act is one of those see it to believe it things and b: my pictures didn’t turn out very well.

A visit to his website is well worth the time, too, so I’ve included the link here.


(Below are the crummy pictures I took of John Payne’s buffalo and him on his mule on the trailer with a buffalo. If anyone has recently been on top of a stock trailer with a mule and a buffalo you may share in the comments.)


Anyway, amazing.

My little sister with my new horse, Sis. 

 As I mentioned a few posts back, m’dear nephew sold me his palomino mare, Sis. I had been drooling over her for some time, so I was overjoyed…until everybody was looking at me like, Oh, dear. Here we go. Mom on a horse again.

The reason they’re looking at me like that is, a few years ago I took a bad spill off my horse and ended up with one of my upper quadrants crunched up kind of like a bag of potato chips. Nothing on the magnitude of John Payne, the One Armed Bandit’s, injury, but enough to give me a huge amount of respect for the grit and hard-down stubbornness it took for him to overcome fear of failure and that injury.

When people are faced with such setbacks, they have choices to make. They can let circumstances get the best of them, or they can take the buffalo by the horns and put ’em on top of a trailer using a mule.

In a small way, the palomino mare is my mule. I’m probably not going to put buffalo on top of the stock trailer with her, but I have been training our border collie, Nellie, to ride on the back of the flatbed pickup which is practically the same thing. (Hmm…Maybe if the mare jumped up on the pickup bed Nellie would gladly follow instead of me having to hoist her up there…? And I get so tired of having to clean up Nellie’s barf from her motion sickness. And she drools like Cujo. I doubt John Payne’s buffalo do that. Maybe I will just leave Nellie home and add a few head of buffalo to my menagerie…Oh, goodness. My head is literally spinning with possibilities.)

**I want to thank the Lord Jesus and my sister for smoothing the rough edges off the mare and understanding my desire to be mounted again in spite of seven grandkids and brittle bones. And Gramps for doing what he does.

And to end this post completely off base as per usual, here is one of the best pictures I took at the rodeo: A giant bug swarm. The larger blobs are feasting bats.

Until next time, God bless all y’all. Thanks so much for reading and if you’ve still got a minute, enjoy this oldie, but greatie, Where There Is Faith.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse the blog, I just love ’em.



6 thoughts on “Taking The Buffalo By The Horns At The Ranch Pen

  1. I loved this post Danni so so happy for you that you got Sis to ride. Sorry it’s been ages since I’ve caught up with all the blogs. Loved the mule and the buffalo on the stock trailer. I don’t think I’ll try that with my cows anytime soon.LOL

    • Hi, Liz! I hope things are well with you down there in New Zealand. I am SO happy to be mounted again, but no, I don’t think I’ll try to put any of our cows on top of the trailer with–or without–my horse. 😀

  2. Grandma Jessup says just be careful with your new ride. We are very happy to see you wanting to ride something besides your rocking chair. Really enjoyed the song ‘ Where there is Faith” Please be very careful and ride with someone so they can pick up the pieces.
    Very best Jessup

  3. I remember in the hour or so after you broke your collarbone, etc., that we stood in your dining room and laughed (probably from hysteria, but anyways…). That was a long time ago. I’m real proud of your determination and courage. We middle-aged ladies have to live our lives the best we can. Thanks be to God, that for the most part we can! Happy Trails to You! ;0) P.S. Leave the bison alone, and have mercy on Nellie’s carsickness.

    • I think the laughing spell was adrenaline, or maybe the dark humor we county people get blessed with. If you looked at the One Armed Bandit’s webpage, it said after his near electrocution they asked him in the hospital if he was allergic to anything and he said something like, “Well, electricity makes me break out”. That was funny.
      Maybe we can both have some happy trails 🙂

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