Arrived Alive At The Ranch Pen

Danni and Gramps stopping for a selfie while hiking at Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. Would the ancient Chacoans be snorting their iced tea up their noses at the sight of these aging Okies–sweating profusely and clutching iPhones with no signal–hauling themselves over their ruins? The guess would be yes.

We believe in miracles at the Ranch Pen. Why? Gramps and I have arrived alive back home from a series of excellent adventures in spite of…er–well, let’s just say Gramps comes from farm country where most of us drive around with our blinkers on–or don’t use them at all–go fast and then slow, then even slower, and gawk at the neighbors’ crops and cattle while crossing the center line. We hardly sustain a dent. However, when we get out on the crowded interstates of our great country, gawking at crops and cattle nearly gets old farmer dude AND HIS WIFE killed. So, yes. I believe strongly in miracles. (And if y’all were driving anywhere between Oklahoma and Colorado recently, you should, too.)

The old brains are still adjusting, but I’ll try to blow the dust and cobwebs off the blog in the next few days. Until then, I’m happy to report only one calf died while we were away and he had been sickly from birth, our border collie, Nellie’s, broken leg has vastly improved since her cast removal a few days before our trip, and we got some greatly needed rain.


Nothing more thanks-worthy to Okie cattlemen than rain and green grass in August 

Until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy Steven Curtis Chapman’s Glorious Unfolding.


*This artist doesn’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just love his music

5 thoughts on “Arrived Alive At The Ranch Pen

  1. so Glad y’all made it home safely and it’s good to see a new blog post. =o) I especially loved the caption for the first picture… Although it did get me to wondering … Would the ancient Chacoans have had ice? I know that that is a random question, but I really would like to know. =o) Also, Roper saw your picture and said “hey! it’s Gramps and Nana! Was that when they were on Wacation. ( no that is not a typo. That is just how he says Vacation.) I think he is also glad for a new blog post. I’m sure he would be especially excited to see a post about those big hairy beasts. 😉 He is always talking about them and we’ve now watched the buffalo and wolf documentary more than a dozen times.

    • Hi, Anna! I’m so happy to “see” you. We had a great trip. Not long enough–but they never are, are they? Well, some of them are, I guess, but we don’t talk about those in public. 😉 I’ve missed your blog, but hope y’all are having an excellent summer.

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