Sunday Morning Comin’ Down At The Ranch Pen

IMG_6326Gramps on Sunday morning doing his part with the littlest grandson, Tater: staying out of the way

In the day we live in, the chaos of readying a household to attend church on Sunday morning isn’t as common as it used to be, so I’m truly blessed to share this picture of Sunday mornin’ coming down at our house.

When I was growing up in ancient Egypt there was a song called Sunday Morning Coming Down written by Kris Kristofferson (imagine how incredibly old that makes Mr Kristofferson…if he is even still alive). Anyway. The song is about an aging addict who still finds himself longing for the simplicity and goodness found in a quiet Sunday morning. Which leads me to talk about one of the characters in my Love Is Not Enough book series, Roy Howard.

First, however, let me just say that a few years back I read a book by a guy named Peter Hedges called, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. I knew when I read the dedication page I’d probably like the book, because the page read:

To my mother who is not fat
and my father who is not dead

Like Peter Hedges, I’ll take the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings that my dad is an alcoholic or an addict. He is not…although he does occasionally overindulge on apple pie.

I don’t really know from whence Roy Howard sprang–an aging alcoholic with troubled relationships on every hand–except I have known a number of men like him in my lifetime. At first, his name was Ted and he was a cardboard character with the sole purpose of rubbing Gil Howard, his son, the wrong way. Twenty years passed while I was writing The Cedar Tree, however, and Ted began to protest his cardboard status. First off, he told me he hated his name and had it legally changed to Roy–which actually put a whole new spin on him in my writer’s brain. Then he began to show glimpses of a longing for something better beneath his hateful exterior. Now, he is a fully fleshed-out character with more to do than bedevil Gil’s life–although he’s still plenty good at that.

I’m always happy to answer questions about characters in the books, or about growing up in ancient Egypt next to an apple pie bakery, so just leave a comment or shoot me an email on the contact page.

Also, The Cedar Tree is free to download on today, and book two of the series, Wailing Woman Creek, is free today and tomorrow. *(Free promotion ended 7/12/2014)

Until next time, God bless all y’all and here is a vintage clip of Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash doing Sunday Morning Coming Down.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down At The Ranch Pen

  1. I like Roy Howard’s character a lot. Makes me sad for his lost life. And, as for Peter Hedges, his book is on my bucket list. His endearing dedication to his mother makes me emotional. Dear, dear boy. Tater is the cutest little guy I’ve seen for a while. Really like the picture!

  2. Hey! We saw Kris Kristofferson last year in concert with Merle Haggard! He was alive and well at the time and did a fair rendition of Sunday Morning Coming Down. He and old Merle looked, well, old. Lol. But Merle sounded as good as ever (while wearing a back brace), and Kris, well, Kris sounded the same as ever, too.
    I enjoy reading your posts and checking out your pictures. 🙂
    Hope you have a blessed day!
    Love ya, Dixie

    • Hi, Dixie! It’s good to hear from you. Thanks for the update on the old fellers. I’m happy Kris is still alive. I never know. Sometimes I’ll think I heard somebody was dead and then I’ll see them and–with the typical finesse that runs so deeply in our family–I’ll say, “Oh, my goodness! I thought you were dead.” They always look startled.
      Keith and I saw Merle in concert many years ago when George Strait was his front act (unbelievable, now). I was pretty miffed at Merle that night because he was what one might call “smashed”. Very disappointing. George Strait was good, though.
      Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed your girls when they came to the house a few months ago.
      Blessings to all of you today, too. 🙂

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