Free Ebook Download And Other News From The Ranch Pen

Wailing Woman Creek Book


Wailing Woman Creek is available as a free download starting today and continuing through the weekend. It’s also available in paperback if anyone would rather have one of those. As I mentioned last week, Amazon set the price on the print version and I can’t do anything about that. Click on the book cover above or in the blog’s sidebar if you’d like a free download this weekend.

In other news from the Ranch Pen

Nellie, the dog with the broken leg, has tired of life as a calm dog. She looks forward to her daily exercise with frenzied excitement. Her walks are supposed to be leisurely strolls as befits a dog recovering from a broken leg, but…ha! The exercise lady (moi) better have a good wrap on the dog leash and her hat pulled down because Nellie (the dog on three legs) hits the end of her leash like a train hauling freight, dragging her hapless exerciser (moi, again) along at high speed like a cork bobbing on a rapid stream. The conclusion–Nellie’s healing appears to be coming on apace.

We had some much needed rain last week. The pastures are looking better. Gramps has been sorting cattle, weaning calves, culling cows. You can click on  One More Year if you want to hear a funny cowboy poem from an old tape by cowboy poet, Baxter Black, about culling cows.

We also had to re-name the bottle calf, Tulip. She was actually a he. We now call him Tuleep. So why all the gender confusion at the Ranch Pen? When Gramps brought Tulip/Tuleep to live as my baby, he gave her/him only a passing glance and called her/him a girl. I paid no attention to the plumbing at the back end, only concerned with feeding the front end. The error came to light while I was applying fly spray to the little lady/fella and discovered no heifer plumbing. Tuleep’s (real) mother is still a nincompoop, Gramps evidently needs glasses, and I don’t really like the name Tuleep, but it might be better than Gramps’ suggestion, ToEat. (I know…I try to cover the little fellow’s ears.)

As always, thank you for reading what I write. God bless all y’all and enjoy David Wesley with Real Life Offering.


*This artist doesn’t necessarily endorse the blog I just love his music.






6 thoughts on “Free Ebook Download And Other News From The Ranch Pen

  1. My mental picture , in color of course, I can just see a little old lady with her hat pulled down, shirt tail flapping, hanging on to her hat with one hand and the other hand with the leesh firmly wrapped around it. With feet only touching the ground about every yard or so. I am still laughing. I’m glad the dog is better. Thank You
    best always jessup

  2. Downloaded! Thank you, Danni! (One of these days grad school will be done and I’ll get to make up my own reading list and actually read for pleasure.) Delighted to hear Nellie’s healing up and that Tuleep is able to fully embrace his true gender identity (if cows, in fact, do that). And, you’re right, Tuleep is much better than Toeat. Have a fantastic weekend, Danni!

    • Thanks so much, Anna. And don’t feel bad–if I stacked all my books I need to read it would tower above me and then turn into a bookslide and bury me alive. Goodness gracious. I wish I had a bigger processor in the old brain box. 🙂

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