Thanking God With A Public Service Plea From The Ranch Pen



Two reasons we are thanking God at the Ranch Pen–the grandkids, Ladybug and Roper, a few hours after the car crash

A few days ago while traveling in Colorado, Son #1 and his family were involved in a serious car crash. By the mercy of God, all four of them–son, wife, and grandkids– walked away.

There are always a lot of ifs–If this had happened…If that had happened–and Gramps and I are exceedingly thankful the horrifying ifs didn’t happen that day.

The one undeniably true if, however, was this: If everybody had not been buckled in, the outcome would have been horribly different.

So, everybody, please…take that extra minute to make sure everyone in the car is buckled in safely, and God ride with y’all.


*These guys don’t necessarily endorse the blog, I just love them singing this song.

2 thoughts on “Thanking God With A Public Service Plea From The Ranch Pen

  1. I am so incredibly glad everyone is safe! Those “what if”s can send you into a full-fledged panic attack if you let them. Praising God the “what if”s can stay in our imagination and your dear family is ok!

    • Hi, Anna. It’s good to see you 🙂
      I nearly have a heart attack every time I start in on the what ifs, so I’m very, very grateful for what is.
      Hope you are having a good and safe summer up there in PA with your little family.

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