Cowgirl Poetry At The Ranch Pen

I am away from the Ranch Pen this week, but in observation of National Poetry Month, and life out on the Lone Prairie, I’ll share these two cowgirl poets, Yvonne Hollenbeck and Kristyn Harris. The first poem, Yvonne Hollenbeck Goes To Town is familiar to all us gals out here in the sparsely populated country where we sometimes end up in town in our working outfits and the newspapers are desperately searching for any kind of news.


And until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy this talented young lady, Kristyn Harris, singing Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie.


2 thoughts on “Cowgirl Poetry At The Ranch Pen

  1. I loved the poem! It made me think of the “We Saw” and “It’s True” sections of the Democrat Chief. I’ve never heard of Yvonne Hollenbeck before, but I looked her up on Youtube. She’s great. =)

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