Spring Break At The Ranch Pen

This week is spring break for many of the kids in Oklahoma, so Gramps and I have some of the grandkids at our house. I thought about writing a brilliant post, but I’m a little distracted. If I wrote about what goes on in a day during spring break at the home place, it’d be stuff like this that nobody would want to read:

Hey! What’d you do with your pants? You can’t walk around the house in no pants, buster.

What do y’all want for a snack? No, you can’t have hot dogs. Have some grapes. Stop throwing the grape stems on the floor.

No, you can’t watch that. Watch Prince of Egypt again. Wipe that ugly look off your face, young man.

Y’all get your boots on, you’re going with Gramps to feed the cows. Gramps, wait, they’re going with you. Don’t you dare leave without these boys.

Go outside. I don’t care if it’s cold. Find a spot of sun to stand in. What are you doing back in here? No, you don’t need to potty. Go! Don’t come back in until I tell you.

Okay, pick the mushrooms off your pizza. And the pineapple. Okay and the onions. All right, don’t eat the crust. Do y’all know I used to warm up your dads’ britches for these types of things?

Where are your boots, young man? How did your socks get wet? Why are you walking around the barn in your socks? No, you’re not either working. You don’t work in the barn with no boots.

Honey, (to the granddaughter) pull up your hood. The wind is cold.

I’m glad y’all are here, too. I love you more than you’ll ever know…

That’s pretty much how it goes at Guantanamo Nana’s during spring break, so I’ll just share this super cool video from the folks at farmon.com about the people around the world who produce our food.

Until next time, God bless all y’all and if you get a chance, pass on the video and check out the FarmOn website. It’s a great place for anyone interested in food production and family farms.


7 thoughts on “Spring Break At The Ranch Pen

    • I know. I slap down one of my homegrown delights and they all leap back crying, “What IS that? Do we have to eat that? Can we have hotdogs? My Mom says I don’t have to eat that…” Then they hold it in their cheeks until they can get to a private trash can. 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the video. Pass it on! FarmOn is a good site for the nephew to check out.

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