In Case You’ve Never Moved Cows…


A couple of weeks ago, we caught a good day and moved one of our cow herds to better pasture about a mile down the road. I think there are around fifty cows in that herd and about thirty of them had new babies. In case you’ve never moved cows on a beautiful February day, here is a short tour so you can see what you’re missing.

IMG_5227Gramps and Son #2 unload Gramps’ “horse”


The niece, JA, and the Nephew were holding the cows on the hill with their horses


Sis and the niece, TL, waiting for the cows to decide to follow my feed truck with a tasty bale of hay on the back


Here they come


The rear-view mirror (such as it is) reflecting the cows following their pied piper


The drag riders following some of the brand new babies. Poor little fellers were tired. (The calves. I think the drag riders were still fairly frisky.)IMG_5252

Son #2 preventing any escapees


Ah, tasty grass

The pasture we turned those cows on is a wheat/rye blend called triticale, but it’s awfully short since we have had almost no moisture all winter. Why should you care? Because our drought affects you, too. It’s part of why all y’all are paying so much for your beef in the stores. The extended drought in cattle country has caused over a million mama cows to be sold to slaughter simply because there is nothing to feed them. That means over a million fewer baby calves to grow up and put beef on our tables, which creates a shortage of meat, which creates higher prices.

The situation is pretty dire. All us cow people and farmers are praying for rain in our country. Not just a little, but days and days of driving rain to fill up the cracks in the ground, the wells, the ponds, and the reservoirs. Hopefully the good Lord will open the heavens to us again before long. Most of Gramps’ and my grandkids don’t have any memory of a time of full reservoirs and knee high grass.

I hope you’ve enjoyed moving cows with us and until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy Jake Hooker doing an awesome job on Cattle On A Thousand Hills.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just love ’em.

4 thoughts on “In Case You’ve Never Moved Cows…

  1. That was a perfect weather day, wasn’t it?! Rain would sure be welcome here anytime. Gramps has mad 4-wheeler skills.

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