Bug Boy At The Ranch Pen

Today, our little granddaughter, Ladybug, is with us again, so I will be quick.

My view of grandmother-hood:

Grandkids make up for all the bad stuff in life.

~Danni McGriffith

Also, if you want to feel slightly senile, hang out with a two-year-old girl who talks with a sweet little lisp.

Ladybug: (swooping into the kitchen in one of her boy cousins’ Superman capes) I’m Bug Boy!

Danni aka Nana: (thinking, Eh? Never heard of him.) Oh, yeah? Bug Boy? That’s super cool.

Ladybug: (not quite able to roll her eyes yet–but working on it–speaks loudly as if to a hard-of-hearing old lady) No! Bug Boy!

Nana: Bug Boy. That’s what I said.

Ladybug: (very frustrated with the density of old brains) NO! I’M. A. BUG. BOY!

Nana: Er…(the light is very slowly coming on) Oh! A big boy! (like her cousins)

Ladybug looks at me like, Good grief. Finally…


Then she comes into the kitchen in the get-up above.

Nana: (laughing) You look so funny! Like a duck.

Ladybug: (sweet smile snapping to a scowl) Not a duck…I’m a mermaid!

(Hello, Nana? You are really slipping to miss the clues there.)

Anyway, until next time–if I haven’t fully succumbed to early senility–God bless all y’all and enjoy the Oak Ridge Boys singing Thank God For Kids.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just love ’em.

8 thoughts on “Bug Boy At The Ranch Pen

  1. Lol…. We had such a good laugh over this one. Even I have a hard time translating what she says sometimes. =o)

  2. I’m pretty sure she’s the roughest, toughest mermaid around. =) The kids loved the song. They’re lucky to have you for a Nana.

    • Chicken feet would work, too. Doesn’t seem like long ago since your girls were doing that stuff. (Granny would have been pleased to see Ladybug making such good use of the Walter Drake potato skinning gloves wouldn’t she? 🙂 )

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