Cowboy Poetry At The Ranch Pen

My little buddy, Ladybug

My little buddy, Ladybug

This week, I have the two-year-old grand daughter, Ladybug, with me. There is a very good reason most middle-aged women who have two-year-olds on a full time basis don’t blog. In recognition of that, today I’ll just share a piece of poetry featured in the High Plains Journal by my favorite Okie cowboy poet, Joe Kreger. Enjoy.

Ag News

By Joe Kreger

Sometimes I get more ‘n enough
people and the telephone,
and to get things back on an even keel.
I’ve got to get alone.

Now, I’m not antisocial
or given to swings of mood,
but if l’m gonna keep thinkin’ straight.
I need a little solitude.

I can get it walkin’ or drivin’,
but it’s best out on the horse.
It’s amazin’ what time alone will do,
to change a tough day’s course.

I like to go down to the pasture
and watch the cattle graze and drink.
Sometimes I put my mind in neutral
but I usually go there to think.

Time alone doesn’t make me lonesome,
and I never do get bored.
It’s always the best way for me
to talk things over with the Lord.

I thank God for valued customers
and the treasure of good friends,
but solitude can be that needed gift
that the Good Lord sends.

I believe I’m better with people
after a solitary ride.
‘cause I always come back with peace of mind,
and I’m all healed up inside.

I won’t forget what a wise man told me,
I knew it’s not a myth.
“When you’re travelin’ by yourself,
you always know who you’re with.”

Editor’s note: Joe Kreger writes from his home in Tonkawa, Oklahoma. His CDs are available from the Journal by calling 1-800-954-5263. 

6 thoughts on “Cowboy Poetry At The Ranch Pen

  1. Ah, solitude, solidtude. Wherefore art thou, solitude? And ladybug is as cute as anything. I need to get me some boots like that (though I’ll never look that good in a hat). Have fun playin’ and enjoyin’ that sweet thing!

    • Thanks, Anna. I’d bottle you up some lonely sky and wind and send it to you, but solitude is the scarcest commodity–even in the sticks–when you’ve got a young family. My main refrain right now is, “Sleep, dear little grandkid. Sleep, I beg of you…” 🙂

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