Slap Out Of Ideas At The Ranch Pen


Danni. Stay away from her ears.

Ominous event #1: Last night at church, Danni felt a big lump on the side of her arm. “Oh, my goodness,” you’re probably thinking, “that has to be an arm tumor.” No, it was just a sock wadded up in her sleeve she had been wearing around all day without noticing.

Ominous event #2: This morning while getting ready to feed her critters, she put on her boots and they felt funny. She stepped around trying to get them straightened out only to look down and realize her boots were on the wrong feet. Or, possibly her feet were on the wrong legs.

Even more ominous: Danni is working on two books at once and her brains are threatening to come blowing out her ears with a very small splat.

Do these events have anything to do with the deteriorating quality of life at the home place? Or Danni being slap out of blog post ideas today?ย  We here at the Ranch Pen don’t know, but we aren’t bothered since we have already forgotten what we were talking about.

Ah. Here we go. Pictures from our trip to the Oklahoma Horse Fair and Chisholm Trail Ranch Rodeo a couple of weekends ago.


The working ranch teams. Most of the guys were from Oklahoma and Texas. No lady competitors this year.

Littlest cowboy

Littlest cowboy

The littlest cowboy with his dad.

Littlest Cowgirl

Littlest Cowgirl

At the horse sale on Saturday, this little cowgirl–complete with fancy chaps–was selling her pony to graduate to a bigger mount. She was sweet as sugar pie and so was the pony.

Amish Cowboy

Amish Cowboy

These next two pictures I took just for my friend Anna at The Silent Isle who lives in Amish country, but probably hasn’t seen Amish cowboys.

Amish cowboy on a mule

Amish cowboy on a mule

This fella was trying to get his mule to kneel, but mule-like, she (I think it was a ginny mule) refused. Later to show how calm she was, he stood on her back whirling around his bull whip and snapping it.


Currently unmounted, I’m always searching for the perfect granny horse that won’t engage in violent behavior. That little buckskin gelding with the boy standing on its back was a dream come almost true. Gramps bid quite a way out of our price range before I made him stop.


I wish I hadn’t made Gramps stop bidding. I’ll always be sad we didn’t bring that little feller home. (The kid would’ve been handy, too. Boys that age are useful out on the home place.)


The neice TL, grandsons Roper and Git’R’Done, and the niece JA

After the horse sale, we toured the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center which is a super cool, interactive place to take kids.


Roper, Git’R’Done, and Blondie


Finally, at the Chinese food place. The grandkids told the waitress the food stunk, or stinked, or stank, whatever. Gramps and I laughed heartily. When their dads–our sons–said such things, we promptly hustled them out to the correctional facility, but now we just think everything the grandkids say is hilarious.

So ended a great time at the ranch rodeo–and an end to another addled blog post from the Ranch Pen. Have a good weekend and thanks so much for reading.

Until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s Will the Circle be Unbroken.


*These artists don’t necessarilyย  endorse my blog, I’ve just loved ’em for about a hundred years.

8 thoughts on “Slap Out Of Ideas At The Ranch Pen

  1. I tried to put my glove on my foot for some reason yesterday, lol.

    The pics are lovely and the grandkids adorable. I tease my hubby that I want a shetland for an indoors pet. Only kidding!

    You are working on two books at once? My hero! Let us know when they hit the presses. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • LOL. Goodness. I hope you didn’t get the glove on.
      You wouldn’t want Frisco as your indoors pet, I assure you. He is a demanding little brat with a “king of all horses complex”, but the grandkids love him and I’ll have to confess I’m fond of the little rascal, too.
      I think it was Isaac Asimov–or some other giant brain–who kept six typewriters going (maybe more) with works in progress. He’d fly around between them writing madly, or so I seem to remember. My head would surely explode. I hope your WIP is coming along apace. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lol… Great post!.. And what adorable grandkids you have. ;o) Ladybug was super sad that she didn’t get to go with Y’all but maybe next year, the rest of us will be feeling hearty and healthy enough to make the trip.

  3. Thanks for the hilarious ominous events. Be careful about overloading your brain on these two books. But hurry up on them already. ;0) Geez…
    Duncan was fun!

  4. Ominous event #1 made my snarf my coffee through m y nose – so funny! Especially because I’ve done the same thing. And I loved the pictures–especially of the sweet little kiddos. And the Amish cowboy–I think we need a few of those up here in PA. Sorry you didn’t get your granny horse.

    • Snarf. That’s a good one ๐Ÿ™‚
      I thought of your last post when I wrote about the grandkids in the Chinese restaurant and I didn’t figure there were many bow-legged Amish cow punchers striding around up there in Lancaster County. Yes, it was a bummer about the horse, but we’ll keep looking. I’m sure there is one just standing around eating its head off somewhere and waiting for its very own cheapskate granny person to love.

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