Horse Lovers At The Ranch Pen


Grand entry at the 2013 Chisholm Trail Ranch Rodeo

Once again, it’s time for us horse lovers and ranch rodeo fans to attend The Oklahoma Horse Fair and Chisholm Trail Ranch Rodeo in Duncan, Oklahoma. One of the horse fair events this year is the Colt Starting Challenge USA competition to see which of the contestants are best at taming and riding a young horse while we watch. (If you like, click on the link for a post on the event last year, Duncan Oklahoma Horse Fair and Ranch Rodeo and the Passing of a Great Guinea Pig.)

Since I’m away from the Ranch Pen, I’ll just post a few horse-y type pics. Last week we had a 70* day (hard to imagine, this week) and one of the few almost windless days we get in southwest Oklahoma. My sister–who we will call Sis–called to see if I wanted to mount up. To which I replied, “I’m on my way. (I have to bum rides since I’m currently unmounted, but ever shopping for the perfect granny horse who won’t dump me and break my bones.)


The nieces, JA and TL, with Sis, all horse lovers who train their own horses which I posted about in these two posts: Horse Girls of Southwest Oklahoma l, and Horse Girls of Southwest Oklahoma ll


On my sister’s super-fine Quarter Horse mare, Bella, trained by Sis herself


More horse lovers–the cowboys holding pirate swords are the grandsons, Git’R’Done and Roper. Then the granddaughters Blondie and Ladybug.

(back row) the nieces and, Frisco, the bratty Shetland pony.

I hope you enjoy your weekend, too, and until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy Gillian Welch and David Rawlings singing Six White Horses.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like ’em.

6 thoughts on “Horse Lovers At The Ranch Pen

  1. That warm & wonderful day seems even more awesome with this weeks weather. Hopefully this spring we will do this even more! See ya in Duncan!

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