Here That Blue Norther Comes, Ready Or Not


Ready or not, the arctic air has reached down its bony hand as far as southwest Oklahoma. Farmers and ranchers always gripe about the weather, but especially on the open southern plains. We bitterly complain when the weather drops below freezing. Hey, the wind blows out here and our blood is thinned by a slew of 100*+ days and 30 mph winds all summer, followed by warm autumns. As recently as two days ago, the temperature was 70*. Our livestock is accustomed to that, as well, so these wild temperature variations are hard on them. Gramps’ll have his hands full for a while keeping the “girls” (above) and their babies alive and healthy while I flutter around trying to keep my flock of fowls–who won’t ever win any prizes for brain power I assure you–the grandkids’ pony, Frisco, the cats, and Nellie from turning up their toes. Additionally, I will poke my head outdoors at times to get more firewood and encourage Gramps to greater efforts out there in the cold.

God bless all y’all. Stay safe and warm, and until next time enjoy The Piano Guys again doing an amazing job on O Come, O Come Emmanuel one of the most beautiful of all Christmas songs.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just love them

*And Happy Birthday to my mother who is older even than I am, so she must be really, really old. Goodness gracious.

4 thoughts on “Here That Blue Norther Comes, Ready Or Not

  1. I love your new blog look, Danni, and the falling snow! How fun! I hope the cold doesn’t cause too many difficulties for you. While I do LOVE the cold, the drear, the early darkness, I realize that all these things are far more complicated when living on a farm. Give my best to the “girls” 🙂 And thanks for the video–this is one of my favorite Christmas songs! And the cello is also my favorite, favorite instrument. My goal is to learn how to play…ha! (yeah, in all my free time.)

    • I so hope you can learn to play the cello. I’ve dreamed about that, too, just sitting there with my eyes closed making beautiful sounds come from my cello…but then I wake up amongst all my unfinished projects and decide I’ll just sit with my eyes closed and enjoy someone else doing it 🙂
      The falling snow is courtesy of wordpress and I think it is fun, too.

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