This Miss Universe Finalist Has My Vote From Southwest Oklahoma

My widdle grandkids shared a nasty cold with me, so while my brain cells are recovering, (don’t snicker like that,) I’ll share this video clip from blogger friend, Liz, of Mad Bush Farm in New Zealand.

I’m not into beauty pageants and so forth, but I have sheared sheep, so this little gal has got my vote.

God bless all y’all. I usually put some type of gospel song here, but until next time, could you just hum something?

7 thoughts on “This Miss Universe Finalist Has My Vote From Southwest Oklahoma

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  2. I love this! And I would LOVE to sheer a sheep! When I visited my Amish friend who runs a sheep farm, I asked if I could come and help sheer his sheep. He said that his sheep actually shed their wool. Who knew?! I guess I need to make some other sheep farming friends, but New Zealand might be a bit out of reach….

    • Some breeds do shed–maybe all of them do eventually. The wool quality would be crummy but some people don’t raise them for wool. My flock was to provide hand spinning wool, so the quality mattered. Shearing sheep is back breaking labor and I have great respect for this young lady who makes it look easy.
      I remember your Amish sheep farmer/mafia (wasn’t it?) post. That was a good one 🙂

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