A Dead Duck And Other Disturbing Content From The Ranch Pen

young ducks

This is Click and Clack yesterday. Two happy young ducks.

In The Duck Business Again

We used to always have some ducks running around pooping all over the place, but we haven’t had any waterfowl for years, now. However, after consulting stock dog training manuals, some of which recommend starting the stock dog hopeful on ducks, I determined to go back in the business. (For those who might be visiting the blog for the first time, we have a young border collie named Nellie.) Gramps looked skeptical when I laid my plan on him, but he plopped down eleven bucks at the farm store for these handsome fellows. Click and Clack were to be the  vanguard of a larger group of seven or nine ducklings bound for the ranch in the mail truck later this week. Gramps will later need to build me a little round pen for my duck flock so Nellie can learn to circle them like a flock of sheep and obey my herding commands such as, that’ll do, Nellie, blast it all anyhow. I’m almost sure neither she, nor Gramps, will mind these small projects I have planned for them.

A Disturbing Image

headless duck

This is why I absolutely hate raccoons 

Most Noble Click (or Clack, impossible to say which without the head)

We’ll just assume the corpse above was Click. I found the poor fellow in the pen this morning at feeding time. The raccoon had only eaten his head, which is how ‘coons operate. They kill for fun and break into the dog food container for their dinner. In my opinion, to kill a duck merely for fun and not food is truly despicable. Ducks are the most harmless of fowl, with their bills meant for scooping and not pecking, and stubby legs that can only waddle outside the water. I feel so bad I didn’t reach the little guy in time to protect him.

Raccoons On Notice

All I can say is that murdering ‘coon had better not let me draw a bead on it with my .22.

*Clack has been moved to safety in the hen yard which has a wire top.

Tina the Newt’s Saga Comes To A Close

As I mentioned last time, Gramps had captured Tina the Newt to hold for the grandkids observation. Tina escaped from his easter basket once, but was promptly recaptured. HOWEVER, upon returning from a trip to pick up the grandsons, Kevman and Einstein, we discovered Tina had shuffled off his shackles once more. That time he was nowhere to be found. An hour or more of life was wasted cleaning underneath things in the entryway with no result. Resigned to waiting for a bad smell from somewhere in the house or a clammy bed mate some night, I lifted the trash bag to dump it then nearly shuffled off my earthly shackles to find Tina staring balefully up at me from the bottom of the wastebasket. (For those who missed vocabulary class that day, balefully means Tina looked like he didn’t like me much.)


Some of the grandkids and Son #3 checking out Tina, the newt


Blondie releasing Tina into the fish pond. Fare thee well, Tina the newt. Please don’t come back

So How’d The Camping Trip Go?

via wallcapture.com

via wallcapture.com

Southwest Oklahom–no, wait. I guess that’s just Mt. Everest

On day two of the camping trip, most of the men of our group got called away to deal with one crisis or another throughout the day. The rainy, cold misery we women and young ‘uns endured left some of us–particularly the grandma types–feeling like we might as well tackle Everest without sherpas to help with the kids and camping gear.


Wet and chilled to the bone. The fish weren’t bitin’, either


Later, grandkids, hot drinks, snacks, and a warm room with cartoons at the lodge

Some call that cheating, but we at the Ranch Pen call it bliss. Gramps and I have done our time roughin’ it in tents.

Altus Lake from Quartz Mountain Lodge Oklahoma

Sunshine on the last morning

A Sincere Thanks

So, that’s about all we have from the Ranch Pen today, except for anyone who’s interested, my book entitled The Cedar Tree now has it’s own page on the menu at the top, along with Agnes Campbell’s Hat. Again, I want to thank y’all for reading what I write and the kind reviews on Amazon.com. I sincerely appreciate it.

Until next time, God Bless all y’all and enjoy the Statlers singing ‘Til The Storm Passes By.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like ‘em.

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12 thoughts on “A Dead Duck And Other Disturbing Content From The Ranch Pen

  1. From get-r-done at the disturbing pic: ” Look, some duck got ripped off!” Hahahaha, well put observation. I have encountered many of Tina’s family lately, cold slimy little critters.

  2. Aww no sorry you lost Click. I know how you feel about predatory animals. We have possums here on the farm. I kill them every chance I get. They destroy our wildlife and trees with it. Darned things. Least you had some time away rain and all. I miss all of that kind of stuff. Going out camping and taking the horses along too. Loved this post thanks again for sharing

  3. The picture of Everest is EXACTLY how it was! ;0) By 2:00 P.M. I had cast off my lines and was wishing for the morn. Aaargh. I for one have appreciated the sunshine since then mucho. The picture of the little brats at the lodge is just mean. I hope you have success with your ducks. And Nellie. Good post.

  4. Ah, raccoons. They’re hated by one and all. (Except PETA, perhaps. =)) I hate that Click didn’t make it. Perhaps the next batch will fare better.

    Many pardons, but I’ve snickered to myself over and over, thinking of you discovering Tina. That was probably the most exciting moment of Tina’s life. Lol.

    My kids were fervently thankful for the warmth of the hotel room. I don’t think either of them relished the idea of spending the night in the tent with us. I may or may not have been a tad bit envious. I guess the beautiful weather Saturday was worth it, though.

  5. Poor Click. We take the girls down to the nearby farm store to see the chicks and ducklings on occasion, and my they are so darned cute . . . so long as they stay in their pen. While I’m sure my kids would love trying to corral ducklings, I think any duckling we brought home would meet the same end as Click. And no one wants that. So sorry for your loss. But glad your camping trip turned around!

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