Sharing What I Haven’t Learned In 100 Blog Posts And Wish I Had


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And, no, that’s not how old I am…we’re attempting to celebrate the one-hundredth blog post here on The Ranch Pen.

Most bloggers would post a list of things they have learned over their first one-hundred posts, and I was going to do that, too. However, something has come up and I’m posting about what I haven’t learned and I really need to know. Right now.

You’ve guessed it: The care and feeding of newts.IMG_4300

I don’t think this fellow is actually a newt, but some other kind of salamander–I know not which, not generally being much into salamanders. We’ll just call him a newt because newt sounds a lot cooler than salamander and also only has four characters to type rather than ten.

Gramps captured him in a jar for the grandkids’ viewing. I felt sorry for the little fellow and moved him to a plastic easter basket and made him a newt cave. He escaped once, but I recaptured him in the dust pan. I think he was searching for food. We’ve had a cool snap here in Oklahoma, so bugs (unbelievably) have been in short supply. Yesterday, I tossed our newt an injured moth and two dead flies, but don’t know if he ate them or just sat on them.  Today, I dug two earth worms from the garden to tempt his tastebuds. He just sat there with a somewhat dim-witted expression. Then I caught myself saying, ‘Eat your worms, Tina’–after this favorite clip from Napoleon Dynamite. The name suited, so he shall forevermore be Tina.


Well, anyway. We think that’s funny down here at the ranch pen.

The grandkids should be viewing Tina in the next day or two, and then I’ll release the little fellow into the wild again. Now, I must fetch the dead spider on the bathroom floor for Tina’s dining pleasure and prepare for camping with the grandkids and church friends. So, until next time, thank you for attending my rowdy one-hundredth blog post party, and if you know anything about newts, let me know in the comments.

God bless all y’all and enjoy Dailey and Vincent doin’ Camping In Canaan’s Land.



*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like ‘em.

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4 thoughts on “Sharing What I Haven’t Learned In 100 Blog Posts And Wish I Had

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  2. I know nothing about newts, but I fully agree that newt sounds way cooler than salamander. And the Napoleon Dynamite clip made me laugh. Thanks, Danni. And congrats on 100 posts! Woohoo!

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