This Is How We Make Books At The Ranch Pen In Southwest Oklahoma

Tessa and General

How do we make books in southwest Oklahoma? First, we take a girl like that one above.


Then we add her Aunt Danni who was laid up recovering from a horse wreck incident a while back.


And we come out with a book for middle grade readers with my niece Tessa as the leading lady.

Below is the back cover copy:

After an old hat and a storm leave modern girl, Tessa Hensen, trapped in a past century and living in the hobbit-like house of a homesteader’s family on the Oklahoma Territory prairie, she is forced to accept help from an infuriating farm boy to get back to her real life.

Tessa lives as twelve-year-old Agnes Campbell while Judd Howard helps her solve the mystery of the hat. Sparks fly between the two of them as his old world and her new world collide. He does everything possible to get rid of her; she longs to escape him and his grumpy, old-fashioned ideas about everything.

Gradually, her unwanted family’s everyday struggle for survival draws Tessa into the past. When Elizabeth—a Kiowa Indian girl—befriends her, the hardships finally seem bearable.

The two girls face a terrifying encounter with an outlaw and an old Christian man sacrifices his life for theirs, forcing Tessa to ask herself the question: Does she really want to leave behind the past…and Judd?

I’ll probably talk about the book now and then on the blog, but for today I’m just inviting everybody to take advantage of the free Kindle download today and tomorrow. All you need to do is click this link: Agnes Campbell’s Hat, or on the book cover image above, and it’ll take you to the free download on You can obtain the paperback version there, as well. Amazon will let you look inside the book, or download a sample. Also, you can read the first chapter-and-a-half here.

*The free download expires at midnight October 5, 2013. 

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle app for PC here, or the Kindle App for Mac here to read on your computer. You can also download the Kindle App onto any smart phone or tablet in order to read Agnes Campbell’s Hat.

I’m not good at asking for things or promoting anything, but if you read the book and like it, we–Tessa and I–would appreciate a review on Thank you all so much.

I’ll close today by saying God bless all y’all and enjoy The Isaacs singing The Lowest Valley.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like ‘em.

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9 thoughts on “This Is How We Make Books At The Ranch Pen In Southwest Oklahoma

  1. As an “ancient ” 70 plus widow but young in mind I think this book would be slightly !!!!! juvenile for me but I recently downloaded The cedar tree and couldn’t put it down !!! I live in Northern Ireland on an old farm site overlooking the Irish sea looking towards Scotland and have all the fun of sheep ,cows etc but none of the work !! Mind you when the farmers lambs decimate my garden after sneaking out through holes in his fence i am not too polite in what I call them but being a fellow “believer ” I TRY to be charitable !!
    Keep up the writing please I am looking forward to reading more of your books . I have subscribed to your blog and loved reading about your family . Oklahoma is about as far removed from here as you can get in every respect – weather wise particularly – but I used to ride and love horses .etc and your books are pretty realistic with the battles we face as christians so I am hooked , sincerely Pamela ( McCrea )
    P.S. I was a school teacher graduating in English Literature and taught in a very deprived area so got my “education” completed ! I am a bit choosy in subject matter and It was lovely not to have to flick over pages quickly !! Some of the books I have downloaded have saddened me as well as disappointed by their graphic content shall we say .

    • Oh, my goodness, Pamela! I’m so honored that you read my book and liked it enough to comment. That you were an English Lit teacher is icing on the cake 🙂 Thank you so much.
      Being of Scotch Irish descent, I have always wanted to visit Ireland and Scotland, for–as you say–Ireland is about as far removed from Oklahoma as anybody could get. Irish lambs must be exactly the same as American lambs! Little pains in the neck, but some of the cutest baby animals ever.
      Again, I sincerely thank you for the compliment and I hope you will visit with me again sometime.
      Next time Agnes Campbell’s Hat is a free download I will try to let you know so you can try it, as well. Some of my more “ancient” readers like it. 🙂

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