A Border Collie Reviews Pet Safe Wireless Fencing at the Ranch Pen

Border Collie Wearing Pet Safe Collar

Nellie, a poster dog for Pet Safe Wireless Fencing


Today at the Ranch Pen blog, we have a special guest, Nellie, to review her Pet Safe Wireless Fence. Nellie is  six-months-old and has been wearing her Pet Safe collar for about six weeks. She is a border collie, Scotch collie, and Australian shepherd which is a wonderful mixture to produce livestock dogs, but tends to afflict the youngsters with ADDD, or Attention Deficit Dog Disorder. That genetic mash-up also produces dogs that live to chase things. Please bear in mind her ADDD makes her a little hard to follow, and she is prone to exaggeration.

With that, I’ll turn the blog over to Nellie. Take it away, Nellie.

Howdy, name’s Nellie. Excited. So excited. Getta be on the blog. Really excited. Got the wiggles. Wiggling. Panting. Panting and wiggling. Thanks Pack Leader/Old Person. PLOP. Great introduction. Loved it. Absolutely. Thanks. Love the PLOP. Absolutely love her. Would wait two days to eat the PLOP if she croaked over dead. No! Wait! Three days. Three days. Absolutely. Then a nibble. A tiny nibble. Nibble only.

Oh! Oh! It’s true. Love to chase. Love it. Absolutely love it. Chase anything. Anything at all. Anything that moves. Wait. Is that a grasshopper? It is. A grasshopper. Love to chase grasshoppers.

Wait…A CAT! A Cat! Oh, I love cats. Oh! Oh! And chickens. Chickens squawk. I love chickens.

And oh! OH! OH! OH! Grandkids! Grandkids are best. Love grandkids. Absolutely love grandkids. Little feet flash. Dash in for heel nips. The noise! Shrieks! Screams! Shrieks and screams. Delightful. Absolutely delightful. Love grandkids. They’re delightful.

CARS! Oh, goodness. CARS! If I could only catch a CAR! Die happy. Happy. Really happy. Love CARS!

Oklahoma Highway

photo courtesy of the PLOP

Road in front of house. Straight as string for miles. CARS almost break  sound barrier there

Nellie! Focus. Nellie. blah, blah, blah. Nellie! Sit. blah. Sit, I said. blah. Nellie. Focus for Pete’s sake. blah, blah. Pet Safe Wireless Fence…

Oh! My PLOP. The PLOP speaks. Speaking PLOP. Review. Forgot. Pet Safe Wireless fence. Hate the thing. Hate it. Absolutely hate it. Fire out my tail. Fire. Scorch marks under toenails. Scorched earth. Smoke. Impeded. Chasing impeded. Absolutely impeded. Comedown. Absolute comedown. NO CARS! No cars. Never cars. No grandkids. Hardly a grandkid. Chasing fish. All that’s left. Fish. A few cats. Stupid cats.  Some gardening. Digging. Enjoy gardening. With goggles. And frogs. Some frogs. There is that. Frogs. No toads. Foam. Toads make mouth foam. Wait! GRASSHOPPER! Is that a grasshopper? It is. Grasshopper!

She gone.

(Nellie has pounced away after a grasshopper, so we’ll just thumb through her photo album until she returns.)

border collie with a frog

photo courtesy of the PLOP

Me with frog



photo courtesy of PLOP

Pan full tasty cats. Off limits. Ridiculous


Gardening. Eradicate useless greenery. Empty excess soil. Create water drain side of pot. Safety first. Use goggles. (right)


photos courtesy the PLOPIMG_4120

Slippery fish. Fishing. All that’s left. Degrading. Life over. Hate Pet Safe Wireless Fence. Absolutely hate it.

Okay, I’m afraid Nellie has gotten sidetracked, so I’ll finish her review. First of all, even though her Pet Safe collar has some electrode thing-ies to deliver correction, the electric shocks don’t send fire out her tail or leave scorched earth under her toenails. I accidentally touched the electrodes and they delivered an unpleasant shock, but certainly not what Nellie describes. (As I said, Nellie is prone to exaggeration. And I don’t really appreciate her calling me PLOP, to be honest. I’m not THAT old.)

Gramps and I love the Pet Safe Wireless Fence and highly recommend it. We have lost many dogs through the years to the highway in front of the home place. A neighboring farmer told us about the wireless fence he has for his dog, so we decided when we got Nellie, we’d try it. You can read all about the system and how it works on Pet Safe’s website, so I won’t get into that. Installation took several hours and some trial and error to get the system adjusted, but nothing to be compared with burying cable and so forth like with the wired systems. Also, Pet Safe’s customer service was awesome.

The system isn’t recommended for dogs under six-months-old, but Nellie started to chase cars at about four-and-a-half months, so we couldn’t wait. Also, we developed another problem with her after the tragic disappearance of our barn cat, Paisley.

Paisley’s litter of kittens was old enough to survive when she disappeared, but Nellie wouldn’t stop tormenting them. Finally, she began using the kittens for chew toys and balls, throwing them into the air and chewing them until she nearly killed one.

We moved the kittens to the barn outside the ninety foot radius of the receiver. The Pet Safe collar solved the kitten mauling problem. And the car chasing problem. And the chicken bothering problem. And the grandkid problem, as long as they stay outside the zone. (She doesn’t chase the grandkids’ pony, Frisco, because he don’t take no trash off smart-mouth dogs.)

The lowest setting on the collar sufficed until Nellie had been wearing it for a few weeks. Then she took a fit of running through the barrier, so I had to turn up the correction level. Since then we’ve had no problem with her breaking the barrier.

So far, the original battery in the collar is still working and, as pictured above, Nellie spends a lot of time herding fish, so the collar must be pretty waterproof.

We haven’t started her working livestock yet, but when we take her in the pickup to one of the farms, or anytime she leaves the home place, we just remove the collar. She has learned when I tell her it’s okay she can cross the barrier. However, I never walk her across it near the highway, just in case. We also remove her collar at night when she is confined to her pet taxi.

A few days ago, our neighboring farmer said to me, “That wireless collar is just a blessin’, ain’t it?”

And I said without reservation, “Yes, it is.”

I hope Nellie’s review has helped anyone with a naughty dog who chases cars, or won’t stay home. Nellie might hate her collar, but Gramps and I give it five stars.

If anyone has questions about the Pet Safe System, just post them in the comment section and Nellie will do her best to answer.

Nellie’s song choice is Snow Patrol singing Chasing Cars. Until next time, thank you so much for reading and God bless all y’all.



*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, Nellie just likes ‘em.

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11 thoughts on “A Border Collie Reviews Pet Safe Wireless Fencing at the Ranch Pen

    • Love the song. Absolutely. Favorite line. Let’s waste time chasing cars around the house. PLOP’s favorite. Do what you’re told, before I get too old. Love it. Absolutely. Brilliant.
      Thanks. Love you. Like how you taste.

  1. Thanks for the insight to your life, Nelly. I loved the pictures of you not eating the pan of tasty cats, and herding the fish. Also I was raised by the PLOP so I know what you are going through, she had me do lots of landscaping too. Keep up the good work!

    • One of the boys! #3! On my blog! Wiggling. Doing U-shaped wiggle walk. Panting.Grinning. Panting grinning wiggling. So happy. Very happy. PLOP says your landscaping better. Much better. Lot better. Mine’s amateurish. Stinks. Really stinks. Lick the grankids for me. Knock em down. Lick em while they’re down. GRASSHOPPER!
      She’s outta here. Thanks for the visit #3. Love, Mom 🙂

  2. LOL Danni, I LOVE the Nellie stories!! LOL! I read it aloud to her sisters Meg and Rosie, her brother Junior and of course her parents, BJ and Penny. The young’uns reactions were “Oh my gosh, fire coming thru the tail? EEKKKK!” Her parents reactions were of parents who have been there and done that “kids need to slow down and learn” LOL! Oh, by the way, Nellie and Meg are just 5 months old, they were born April 26 :0)

    • Family! News! News from home! Give ’em love. Don’t lose touch. Never lose touch. I’m cool. Beautiful. Beautifully cool. Except the collar. Don’t get Pet Safe Collars. Never. Just a tip. Good tip.

      Nellie’s a nut 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Shawna, and for the response from the family. And see there? Here I had it in my head she was born March 26. I get my kids’ birthdays wrong, too. 😀 She’s such a pretty dog. She’s lost her puppy fur and her coat is wavy and pretty, especially when it’s clean. She’s been crawling around under the car trying to reach the cats the past few days, so she looks like a grease ball right now. (I think the cats might have some issues in the intelligence department because they’ve started hanging out inside the danger zone again.)

      • LOL they are all nuts at times!! LOL! Meg is so determined to keep Arty (LARGE Alpine buck) off the fence and she’s doing a great job! Sister Rosie is a great teacher in that department.

        Don’t worry about the birthday mixup, I do it all the time!! LOL! I even call my dogs by my kids names sometimes! Wes just laughs at me and tells me to say “here John-Boy, here Jim-Bob and Mary-Ellen!!”

    • Thanks Erin. Thanks. Thanks very much. Might blog again. Maybe. Very busy just now. Those fish. All that. Typing tedious job with no thumbs. Rip off. Giant rip off. Tell Henry hi. So handsome.

      Oh, goodness. Nellie’s a mess. If I could harness her energy I’d be super blogger! Thanks, Erin, you’re very kind 🙂

  3. You and Nellie never cease to entertain! Thank you for the delightful interview and, while I do not own a dog and have no need of a pet safety gizmo, one day I dream of living in a place big enough for a dog to roam and living a life quiet enough to enjoy rambling alongside said dog. Or maybe that’s what heaven’s for 😀 Have a happy Friday, Danni!
    PS: I think I have a 4-year-old with the same chasing tendencies. Think I should steer clear of a collar though…

    • Can’t recommend border collies for rambling in heaven. Can’t. Just can’t. Basset hound’s the ticket. Basset. Short legs. All that. Can’t recommend Pet Safe collars. Not for girls. Or dogs. Hate the things. Hate ’em.
      Happy Friday to you, too, Anna 😉

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