A Bluegrass Groupie Gives The News From Southwest Oklahoma

border collie caught in a coon trap

Hallelujah! We’ve finally caught the ‘coon that has been living under–No, wait…Oh, brother. Never mind.

Where’s The Partially Riveting Content Been?

A couple of posts back I wrote about our new iMac in this post, What Was I Thinkin’? An iMac Review which might partially explain the lack of riveting content from the ranch pen lately. However, we’re cookin’, now–typing with my seven page guide to Mac keyboard shortcuts open on my lap. I’ve finally figured out how to skip to the end of sentences, too. (Hello? ctrl-e? Who wouldn’t know that?)

Excitement At The Ranch Pen

So, anyway. Things have been pretty exciting down here in southwest Oklahoma.

  • A raccoon has been making a pest of itself around the home place, but never fear, Nellie has been on the job. (see above)
  • The tomato plants have set a crop at last! After six, ugly, worm-eaten tomatoes all summer long, we now have approximately one-million the size of golf-balls. They won’t ripen before frost, but…hey. We can’t have everything in this ol’ world. Except fried green tomatoes.


  • The Brahma pullets have decided to save themselves from the stew pot and have started laying pretty, deep brown eggs.
  • Gramps and the grandson, Roper, went to the livestock auction. One of their purchases was a crazed black cow of large frame. She blows snot in Gramps’ pocket but otherwise she’s a real money-maker.
  • And other news…hmm…we need some rain real bad. The forty or fifty drops we had earlier today didn’t fill the ponds.

And let’s see…

  • Oh! I almost forgot! My favorite bluegrass guy of all time, Doyle Lawson, came to western Oklahoma.

Wheat stubble field in western OK

That red thing in the picture is Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver‘s tour bus parked between a bean field and a wheat stubble field on a farm at the end of several miles of Oklahoma dirt road.

The Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver concert was at an isolated, laid-back venue on a farm called The Canyon and was only attended by three or four hundred people, but it was awesome. The determining factor of awesomeness in our part of Oklahoma? All of our family and friends escaped without chigger bites!

Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver at The Canyon

Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver at The Canyon

Our Good Friend Doyle

Gramps and I visited with Doyle–I call him that, now, whether he wants me to or not–after the concert, and he was very pleasant to us even though he’d already gotten our money. I can’t remember if he shook my hand, but I can never wash it again, anyway…just in case he did. Daughter-in-law #2 called me a bluegrass groupie.

All joking aside, the singin’ and playin’ was just as good to us Okies as the finest symphony, and we had a wonderful experience out there at The Canyon on Ken Smith’s farm. (I’m pretty sure his first name is Ken. I can’t remember his surname–the farm is deep in Mennonite country, so I doubt it was really Smith. To solve my memory problem I just made up a name and pinned it on him like Gramps often does. We have conversations like this:

Gramps, talking to some old farmer dude chewing a toothpick outside the cafe: Okie, dokie, then, Bill. Catch y’all later.

Danni, on the way to the pickup with Gramps: His name ain’t Bill, y’know.

Gramps, looking startled: What is it, then?

Danni: It’s Ted.

Gramps: Well, I call him Bill.

Danni: Could you stop just calling people names you pull out of thin air?


Okay, so where were we, now…? Oh, yes.

Last But Not Least

My blogger friend Anna, over at The Silent Isle recently became a published author with a novella in a collection of Christian Christmas stories set in the 1800s. (Woo Hoo! Way to go, Anna 🙂 ) Visit her blog to read interviews with the nine contributing authors–all very interesting, especially after reading each of the ladies’ stories.

Anna’s contribution–A Silent Night–is about a young mother who desperately needs a Christmas miracle as she and her young daughter face the wintertime Michigan wilderness alone.

If anybody is looking for a Christmas gift for a reader in the family, this collection, A Pioneer Christmas, is a good one. Just click on the link and it’ll take you over to amazon.com.

Stay tuned for more riveting content when The Ranch Pen interviews Blondie–Chicken Keeper Extraordinaire–and Nellie comes out of the ‘coon trap to review her Pet Safe Wireless Fence.

Thanks very much for reading. God bless all y’all and enjoy a live presentation of Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver doin’ The Greatest Creator. (If the quality leaves something to be desired, just blame iPhone operator error. The operator’s name was Bill. I think.)


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like ‘em.

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8 thoughts on “A Bluegrass Groupie Gives The News From Southwest Oklahoma

  1. I agree, that’s the cutest ‘coon I’ve ever laid eyes on! What a stinker!! LOL! I’ve kept Meg for myself, since Dad didn’t want another pup. They are downsizing the sheep herd so the need of a new pup is just not there. I can’t wait to check out the Christmas book!

    • I think Meg was one of my favorites if I’m remembering right. I’m glad I chose Nellie though. (Even though she nearly drives me crazy sometimes. ) I don’t want to imagine life without her 🙂 Did you get to go to the sheep dog trials?

      • I think you did like Meg as well. Oh I did get to go to Meeker and to the Sheep Dog Trials! I relish my time there and always feel guilty when I come back to Oklahoma. One fine day, we’ll get moved back home with our family.

  2. Way to go, Nellie! Sorry ’bout the coon, but I loved the post. I’ve missed seeing you ’round these parts. And thank you for the shout out! Enjoy those ‘maters while you can! (I do believe you bring out the country girl in me.) 🙂

    • Thank you, Anna. I want to say I really did enjoy your story in the collection and was glad for the way you ended it. I’m so excited to know all these famous people–first Doyle Lawson, now you 😀
      (And I think it’s pretty easy to bring the country girl out in a town girl. Not so easy the other way around.)

  3. That’s the cutest trapped coon I’ve ever seen. What a nut. I’m happy that you’re up & running on your blog again. We had missed you. I also enjoyed Mr. Lawson & Quicksilver MUCHO! I’m not as friendly with him as you are… but that’s okay. We’ve enjoyed the CD’s we got. Love those guys. Scooby Doo????

    • Well, not everybody’s as tight with superstars as Gramps and me. Don’t feel bad. 🙂 And I know…the bass player really was saying scooby foo. Scooby foo. (well, the auto correct keeps insisting i want to say scooby foo, so I’m just going to let it. Scooby foo works just as well for me. Maybe better as it gives my blog a slightly oriental flair.) The bass guy could really get down there, though.

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