What Was I Thinkin’?–An iMac Review From The Ranch Pen

IMG_3748The early morning view south of the home place. The fields are ready for winter wheat planting, but we need some moisture in order to avoid “dusting it in” and waiting for rain to sprout the seed.

No Brilliance Here

I had a brilliant Friday post in mind for this week, but as usual, I’m just wingin’ it, and the brilliant post will have to wait until I’m not crazy. As crazy.

What has made me crazy? y’all might be asking. Well, I’ll tell you.

We have been Microsoft Windows users since 1995, but Gramps and I just bought an iMac.

A Giant Brain

Yay, y’all might be saying, but someone at the Ranch Pen–I name no names–looks like the giant brain pictured below as she stares at the iMac.


What made the giant brain think–as the decision maker on this purchase–that Apple products are for old, uncool people, not someone who needs to wear a super-sized hat to hold all their brains (above)?

Why did that giant brain imagine just because she loves her iPhone she should get an iMac?

Don’t Leave The Ranch Pen, Dear Old HP

Oh, my goodness, dear old all-in-one HP with your Windows 7 operating system, beautiful display, and wireless keyboard and mouse, what have I done? Why didn’t I just buy you yet another a hard drive? Please come back from your deathbed dear HP. I love you. I promise I will never say mean things to you or make threatening gestures ever again–even if you eat years’ worth of my precious grandkids’ irreplaceable pictures and slow down to the speed of a dead one-hundred-year-old tortoise.

We Hope Beauty Ain’t Just Skin Deep

Well, it’s too late now. The iMac arrived at the home place on the Fed Ex truck, all dolled up in classy packaging. Very svelte. So pretty. As opposed to the HP–a work ox at home in the Oklahoma cow patties by now–the iMac looks like a french model picking her way around in the cow pasture in a shimmery dress and four-inch heels. With her nose turned up in the air.

Some Pros and Cons From The Ranch Pen–not necessarily applicable to people anywhere else

A Pro

In addition to looking beautiful, the iMac was really easy to set up. With an Apple ID, everything was up and running in a few minutes, including the wireless. No problems.

A Con

Imagine my surprise to find no dvd drive.

(Why didn’t I check the specs more better? Because I’m getting old and assume too much. And may have been trying to read without my glasses.)

But seriously. How am I supposed to install my Quickbooks–an essential part of our farm/ranch operation–and Microsoft Word–an essential part of my writing operation–and all the other Windows based programs populating my software library? (Which are supposed to work on the iMac. I think. Didn’t I read that somewhere on the internet?)

The answer to my dvd problem? Buy a usb powered dvd drive for thirty-five (more) bucks on Amazon.

A Pro

The mouse is cool. It’s wireless and does neat tricks. And it’s pretty and white, too. With a little apple on it. Just can’t get used to living without a right click yet. (If there is a right click and I just haven’t figured out how to use it, please tell me in the comments section, somebody!)

A Con

The keyboard is such a con. I must have a number keypad thingy to use the Quickbooks so I can do all that subtraction when I’m figuring our financial picture, particularly since the iMac purchase. Since the iMac’s wireless keyboard comes with no number keypad thingy,  I had to order a wired keyboard for that.

Seriously? Can anybody say “Clunk”?

The Paris model looks so tacky with a keyboard dangling from her by a wire.

And the keyboard symbols are–I’m guessing here–in Greek, Latin, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, and the British pound symbol–with possibly some symbols from the Rosetta Stone, as well. (Hey. I live in the sticks. I don’t understand that stuff.)  And why is the Spanish tilde and accent key where the shift used to be, so now `i`’m always doing things like this“`/? And where’s the end key to take me to the end of sentences and not to the bottom of the page? (If somebody knows, please tell me in the comments, I beg of you.)


I’m slowly wading my way through the scary stuff on the docking station (at the bottom of the screen) and downloading apps–I think they’re called–from the app store and syncing up the iphone. If I live long enough, maybe I’ll get it figured out. Someday I hope to love this iMac as much as the iPhone, but right now the grandkids might have to help their old Nana figure it out. (And imagine Gramps, pecking about with one finger in utter confusion trying to find his favorite weather and farm report websites, not to mention Glen Beck‘s website, The Blaze. My heart bleeds for him.)

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 4.42.18 PM

The screen shots are pretty cool, though

Coming Up Soon:

(As soon as I figure out this iMac.)

An interview with the granddaughter, Blondie, chicken keeper extraordinaire. We’ll find out how come her chickens are good and mine are bad, and if she is interested in helping me put mine in the stew pot.

And…a post by Nellie–our super-smart border collie pup–reviewing her Pet Safe wireless fence. Unfortunately, Nellie is afflicted with ADDD (Attention Deficit Dog Disorder), so there’s no telling what all she might say. Any of y’all with naughty dogs won’t want to miss her post.

Border Collie

Nellie, reflecting on her upcoming blog post and the challenges she might face typing on the iMac without opposable thumbs

Until next time, thanks for reading, God bless all y’all, and enjoy Praise Incorporated doing The Anchor Holds.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like ‘em.

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7 thoughts on “What Was I Thinkin’?–An iMac Review From The Ranch Pen

  1. control on the keyboard at the same time as a click will do a right click. there may also be a way to set up a right click under the settings for the mouse – there was for the trackpad on my MacBook.

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  3. I love “The Brain” picture as much as you do. Cracks me up. So sorry for the Paris model debacle. You can’t trust her. She’s just using you. She’ll take your youth, your time, your money, and your sanity. (And, apparently your precious pictures.) Quit now and go back to being a Windows person… like me. ;0p I’m looking forward to both Blondie & Nellie’s posts!

  4. And I spent the last 5 minutes laughing–laughing only because I’ve been there. And then I try to explain technology to my husband and it only gets all the more hysterical. Yes, Apple is svelt–especially the packaging, but I’m still waiting for all their macs to be as simple as the iPhone….one can dream, right? Looking forward to your upcoming interviews! Happy Friday, Danni!

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