Who Parked The Backhoe Next To The Sculpture Anyway?

13Mural in Oklahoma City’s Bricktown district with the Devon Energy Tower in the background

The Haunted Tightwads’  Wing

Out here in rural Oklahoma, some of us pinch pennies until they scream, so when Gramps and I decided to seek excitement in a town with more than four eating establishments (including the Sonic drive-in and the Subway in the gas station), I hooked us up with a hotel room on priceline.com.

Generally we get a tolerable room for my lowest bid, but this time the hotel stuck us in the uninhabited West Wing. (creepy music playing)


The West Wing, haunted by the ghosts of cheapskates past

The room also came with a bad leak and wet carpet around the sink, but we just avoided that spot while we brushed our teeth. Perfect. Well, except for the overhead leak that occasionally dripped on our heads from an unknown source. I am happy to say we were on the top floor, so we didn’t worry unduly about that one.

Golfing In Oklahoma

The first morning was what I call Super Fine for Oklahoma in August. The temperature was in the 70’s so we went golfing.


The result of our first swings. I was the blue ball. Gramps makes me so mad.

Smeared Again

Gramps always trounces me at putt putt. I just let him revel in his imagined superiority because, really…Tiger Woods doesn’t win his piles of money playing mini golf with his middle-aged grandma wife, now does he?

To cheer me after my embarrassing loss, Gramps drove us down to Bricktown. We had intended to watch The Redhawks–Oklahoma’s very own AAA baseball team–but…you guessed it. They were out of town.

The SS Minnow?

Instead, we hopped on the water taxi for our annual tour, a three hour tour…

(That’s a Gilligan’s Island reference for those under one-hundred-years-old.)


Our Bricktown water taxi

Our taxi captain was a friendly Okie feller and our fellow passengers included a young family, a mother with a grown daughter, and two couples even older than Gramps and me. Everyone was either too little, too old, or too nice to mug us for our Sonic drinks, so we relaxed for the voyage. (Sonic Drive-Ins’ corporate headquarters is in Bricktown. Also, the only dine-in Sonic in the entire world–according to our captain who was from Atoka, Oklahoma, and probably could not lie.)

Hello, Old People?

The captain told us that later in the evening some guy named Bruno Mars was going to give a concert at the venue where the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team plays. All of us on the starboard side said, “Huh?”

One of the fogeys actually said–in the over-loud voice guys use who can’t hear because of the hair in their ears– “Bruno Mars? Who’s he? Never heard of him.”

(One of the old gents was a navy man. That’s why I know we were on the starboard side. We learned other nautical terms previously unknown to me–since I seldom see any body of water deeper than a bathtub. And apparently Bruno Mars is a big deal with teen-aged girls, or somebody.)

The Fun Boat

Our fun boat floated down to lower Bricktown where my favorite things are–the sculptures depicting the Oklahoma land runs.


A woman settler coming out of the creek crossing. She would’ve had to be a tough customer.

The sculptor, Paul Moore–who is an amazing artist–was commissioned to sculpt over forty of these one-and-a-half-life size figures.

paul moore sculptures

The detail is unbelievable

Paul moore land run sculptures

The jack rabbit is a nice touch



My favorite sculpture is of this team jumping into the creek ford. The taxi boat captain told us the wagon driver is actually a self-depiction of the sculptor, Paul Moore.

(And who parked the backhoe next to this fabulous work of art? Seriously, y’all.)


Afterward, drinks at the Olive Garden. That tea is pretty, isn’t it?

So, we’ve had our mini-vacation, some unepectedly beautiful rains, the grass is growing, the calves are getting fat, the family is fine, and Nellie the ranch pup was glad to see us back home–what could be more thanks worthy than that?

Until next time, God bless all y’all.


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5 thoughts on “Who Parked The Backhoe Next To The Sculpture Anyway?

  1. Well, Out here in Oregon there is a dine-in Sonic (It is fairly new; so your captain isn’t to blame for not knowing about it)

    I love those sculptures too. It would be awesome to have that kind of talent. To be able to make something for so many to enjoy for so many years…

    • If I ever see the captain again, I’ll mention that to him. 🙂 Your home town used to have a good drive-in burger joint if I remember correctly–much better than Sonic.
      And those sculptures are just amazing. I never get tired of looking at them.

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  3. Enjoyed the post, the pictures, the perspective… and the music. Bluegrass is my favorite, and Doyle Lawson’s bunch is at the top. We haven’t been to Bricktown since they put up most of these sculptures. Makes me want to go.

    • You need to go see them. All those on the west side of the canal are new since the last time we were there. Our captain said there are still a few more to go. They’re also working on an under-the-interstate walkway to connect to the Oklahoma River–hence the backhoe messing up the pictures of the most awesome sculpture–but that’ll be cool, too.

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