A Mish Mash Of This’N’That From The Ranch Pen


A freakish crossing of contrails wrote Hi in the sky, and even dotted the i

How Long Does It Take Paint To Dry, Anyway?

Every summer about this time–aside from spotting weird contrails and watching paint dry–everything starts to seem pretty blah.


Our dog is hot.


Blondie and Git’R’Done

Our kitties scratch the grandkids. I don’t know why.

wind turbines in SW Oklahoma

Some days the wind won’t even blow.

Farm People Need Fun, Too

So, next week…hold onto your hats, ladies and gents! Gramps and I plan to take a couple of days off and head for the bright lights of the city. We need to shop at Sam’s Club. Gramps is out of those little square cheesecake things and I need a super-sized bag of nuts. (Hmm…I’m stroking my one, middle-aged lady chin whisker thoughtfully, searching for the deeper meaning in that statement.)

Well, anyway. There’s not a doubt in my mind y’all will want to stay tuned to see what a couple of ultra-conservative Christian hicks from the sticks do for fun.

Back To Business

We had a good rain a few days ago, and we’re really thankful for that. One of the farm ponds that has been dry for ages even got some water in it.

Gramps took some heifers (young female cattle) to the livestock auction. A lot of ranchers are looking for replacement heifers to rebuild their herds since the drought of the past few years caused a massive sell-off of female cattle in the southern plains.

 livestock auction pens

View from the auction barn’s overhead walkway

Um…Excuse me just one minute while I make a note to myself. I’ll forget, sure as anything, if I don’t do it right now…


Okay, where were we…? Oh, yes. Sale barn.

auction barn

Inside the auction barn.

That isn’t our bull and we probably won’t name him “Tiny”. The weight scales’ screen shows he weighs over a ton.


Roper and his farm

The grandson, Roper, hung out with Gramps at the cow sale then came home where he ate Cheerios for lunch and set up his machine shed on his “farm”. (The blue ribbon is his river.) A lot of the toys are the same ones his dad–Son #1–played with as a boy.

So, moms, remember: Don’t ever, ever throw out the kids’ toys. Your house will look like a hoarder’s pit, but you might have grandkids some day!

(And as an aside: One of the best things about being a grandma? I don’t have to make the grandkids eat! I can say things like: Do you want some Cheetos with your Cheerios, honey? What could be better than that?)

Posts I liked this week

I read this post about a farm dog a few days ago that actually made me tear up and have to blow my nose. We’ve had a few good dogs like that in my lifetime and it’s terrible to lose one. I highly recommend reading this post, All Farm Dogs Go To Heaven.

Another site I like is the FarmOn website. There are lots of good farming stories and information there. You can also sign up for a free bumper sticker from the American Farmland Trust that says “No Farms, No Food”.

Happy #2, Ladybug!

And, finally, the granddaughter, Ladybug, and I celebrate a shared birth date this week. She’s definitely the best birthday gift I ever had, hands down!


Until next time, God bless all y’all and enjoy Buddy Green doin’ I Don’t Belong.


*This artist doesn’t necessarily endorse my blog, he’s just one of my favorite singers.

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8 thoughts on “A Mish Mash Of This’N’That From The Ranch Pen

    • Thanks, Erin. Hope you’re doing good with your writing and the boys and hubby, and, of course, Henry. I’m always happy to “see” you. (I also hope you haven’t joined me in the chin whisker departmenet! So annoying.) 🙂

  1. Love the mish mash and the song.

    Also, there’s a small possibility that Git’R’Done’s cat issues stem from his lack of finesse.

  2. Okay, your hot (literally) puppy is absolutely adorable–but not nearly as adorable as your grandkids! (And good call on the chain hair. I cut and pasted your reminder memo to my laptop. Handy. Thanks.)

    • Thanks, Anna. I think the grandkids are amazing little people. 🙂 And I’m delighted to be of service in the chin hair department! We must be vigilant, especially after grandparent-hood. Grandkids have sharp little eyes and they ask, How come you got a black hair on your chin, Nana? They also ask Gramps why he has hair growing in his nose–which makes me cackle. 😀

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