Eh? What’s That You Say? Oh, Thank Goodness…Just Happy Birthday


Danni and Sis

Today on my youngest sister’s birthday, we mark–my sister and me–another milestone in our whirlwind descent into hopeless middle-age and senility. How do I know? Because we increasingly have conversations like the one below.

(Bear in mind, both of us are old farm girls, so we have farm and livestock related injuries possibly too numerous to mention in the limited space of the world-wide-web. For the sake of brevity, I will keep the sample injury inquiries in the following conversation to horse-wreck related.)

I call my sister on the phone. We both say hola (spanish for hello) in an amusing fashion. With that out of the way, we proceed.

Danni: Well, how’s the ol’ bohonkus today?

Sis: Not too bad. How’s your ol’ shoulder?

Danni: Tolerable. Gramps ain’t breathing real good today, though. (He was having allergy trouble.)

Sis: Really? What’s wrong with his breeding?

Danni: (stops in her tracks. Her blood turns to ice water while she stares in speechless speechlessness–as two ultra-conservative Christian women, that has never been a topic of conversation between her and Sis and she can’t understand why all of a sudden it should be.) Um…maybe we’ll not discuss that.

Sis: Why not? Where’s he bleeding from?

Danni: (jumps as though stung on the bohonkus) Oh! Oh…! Bleeding! I thought you said breeding!

Sis: Ack! No! Eeww!

So, Hermana, Happy Birthday. Let’s make a date to go to a town with a store. We will shop for matching nautical themed outfits. I call the sweatshirt with starfish and ship’s wheels. You can have the complimenting slacks decorated with lighthouses. Be sure to wear your old-lady shoes with the buckles.

I’m actually kinda thankful for you, but you know how we are about such stuff. So, here, have a blog post.

God bless, and enjoy The Lewis Family tearin’ up So Many Years, So Many Blessin’s.


*These artists don’t necessarily endorse the blog, I just like ’em.

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