Stunned In Oklahoma

BKyY7uoCMAEci9VGramps’ and my prayers are for the people of Oklahoma who have suffered loss from the tornados of the past several days. Many have lost loved ones, suffered injury, lost their sense of security, and are wandering around in shock. Possessions, livelihoods, livestock, pets, and many other things as yet unmissed are scattered all over city blocks and the countryside.

We also pray for the emergency personnel working to rescue survivors and retrieve the dead at the cost of their own safety, along with everyone else combing the neighborhoods–and farms–to help.

To anyone who hasn’t experienced tornado devastation: pictures and video don’t do it justice. I helped a friend sift through the rubble of her home in the 1999 Oklahoma City tornado. Tornados come with heavy downpours of rain and everything was soaked and plastered with mud. Anything paper was ruined. Fiberglass insulation from destroyed homes was stuck to everything. Nothing cloth could be salvaged because of the fiberglass, wood splinters, and glass shards in the fibers. By the time the neighborhoods were opened to the homeowners, the electricity had been off for a couple of days. Even if the refrigerator was still in the home, all the food was ruined. Canned goods had been slammed around and most of it was unsafe to eat. Almost nothing could be salvaged. Across her neighborhood, cars looked like wadded pieces of aluminum foil tossed into huge piles. Someone else’s entire roof filled her backyard. Her roof had disappeared. A clothesline pole had javelined into the ground with the crosspiece only two feet from the mud. The grass had twisted out of the ground. The tree limbs and bark had twisted off the trees. Many of the trees were completely uprooted.

I learned in that disaster the American Red Cross really do show up, as well as the Salvation Army. There are many other good organizations on the ground providing relief, too, but I have personal experience with what those two do in our times of mass disaster in Oklahoma. I feel anyone can donate to them and they’ll use the money for your intended purpose.

God bless all y’all, and Oklahoma, through this trying time.

An old 4 Him video, Where There Is Faith:

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