Doing Our Own Stunts In Southwest Oklahoma


Like all dumb good grandmas who have healed up pretty well from their last horse wreck, I’ve been horse shopping.

I got a lead on a gelding for sale the other day, so Gramps and I are off to see the horse and the grandkids, (and perhaps even their parents,) in north central Oklahoma. Before we leave, however, here are some rough ideas of what I’m NOT looking for as a grandma horse person:



A group, which I will just call “The Peanut Gallery”, has ventured many mocking suggestions of the perfect granny horse for me, a few of which are below.


Very funny, sons #1, #2 and #3

Very funny, sons #1, #2 and #3


Oh, ha, ha

Oh, ha, ha


Getting better, I guess

Getting better, I guess


Very interested

Very interested

5. But, THIS here below is what I am talkin’ about!


I may or may not be back Monday, depending on the horse shopping experience, but y’all have a good weekend anyway.

God bless, and sons #1, 2, and 3, stop making fun of me about my horsemanship and enjoy this tune: Who’ll Pray For Me When Mama’s Gone?. (Sis, you enjoy it, too.)

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4 thoughts on “Doing Our Own Stunts In Southwest Oklahoma

  1. Yep, I’m diggin’ option #5 too, and I’m thinkin’ you’re made of sterner stuff than your boys give you credit for. As you reminded them. Mama’s seem to have a direct line to God, so they better keep themselves in check. You never know what she’ll be praying for next 🙂 Enjoy the horse shopping!

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