Racing the Rototiller In SW Oklahoma

Einstein and Kevman in the garden

The picture above shows two of my grandsons, Einstein and Kevman, ‘planting’ garden. We had a good time, found some worms, got some taters and onions in the ground.

Between a visit from some of the grandkids, an unseasonably vicious ice-storm, and two days with only intermittent power resulting from said ice-storm, my Friday post this week is going to be lame short and sweet.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled across this clip that proves there are some other ol’ gals out there in the country who look just as ridiculous as I do lurching along at high-speed after a rototiller. (And I’m not even racing mine, just having my normal rototilling experience. I often use the fence for a brake. )

Until next time, God bless all y’all.

7 thoughts on “Racing the Rototiller In SW Oklahoma

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  2. Priceless and spot-on analysis by kid #1……”What are they doing? That’s retarded!” Thanks for the numerous good laughs I’ve enjoyed from your posts.

  3. I snickered my way through this entire post. I’m certain your fence quivers in fear when I’m using the tiller. There’s been more than one time where I almost didn’t get it jerked out of forward/reverse in time. 🙂

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