Open Letter To A Fire Bug In Southwest Oklahoma

Burned House

The remains of old dreams on our rented farm

Today’s post is dedicated to the firebug(s) who have burned down nearly every abandoned farm house within a twenty-mile swath in recent weeks.

Dear Fire Bug

Dear Fire Bug page 2

Yet more ruins.

Yet more ashen ruins a few miles away

Okay, now I’ve got that off my chest, I’ll go lie down and breathe deeply. God bless all y’all and enjoy  The Country Gentlemen doin’ He Will Set Your Fields On Fire.

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7 thoughts on “Open Letter To A Fire Bug In Southwest Oklahoma

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  2. I don’t know what would make a person travel around and destroy things that aren’t theirs either. Who ever it is uses up time (which most people who have a decent purpose in life use for better things), expensive gas, and a match. How wasteful. I hope the perp is apprehended soon. They might mistakenly guess that our “pile” needs to be eliminated too.

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