Forget Ol’ Dan, I Feel Sorry For Mary Ann

Waiting For the Chinook by Charles M Russell

Waiting For a Chinook by Charles M Russell

Most of us in the southern plains lived through another blizzard this week and I was going to write a post about it. The first day of bad weather, my brain was positively fermenting with snippets of information about the toll blizzards have taken on the livestock of the Great Plains throughout history–livestock driven hundreds of miles before the wind, gulleys and draws full of dead cattle that stank after the thaw like the dead frogs in the plagues of Egypt, etc…

I wasn’t going to mention the electricity went out a couple of hours into the blizzard while Gramps and I were cooped up for two days with  the grandkids, Roper and Ladybug, while their parents tumbled down the slopes at Angel Fire, NM. I wasn’t going to say anything about our poor, worn out generator surging away out there in the storm, or the dreadful toll it took on our lightbulbs. (At least thirteen lightbulbs dead, plus a pair of fried computer speakers, and my breadmachine, as well.)

As the week passed, the great fermentation of my brains dribbled off to a listless bubble now and then, but I did manage to remember this old Jim Reeves song I used to listen to in my dad’s truck on his eight track tape player. For those of you less than one-hundred-years-old, I’ve included a picture of an eight track tape in a player.

Eight track Tape in Player

Go ahead and give it a listen, it’s a really good song. Plus, if you don’t listen to it, the next paragraph won’t make any sense.

As a child, I used to feel so sorry for Ol’ Dan, but now I realize Mary Ann was probably the one cooped up in the cabin with the kids and my heart bleeds for her. Especially after several days of eighteen-month-old Ladybug pistol whipping her older brother with the bubble gun and once coming out of the kitchen wielding the 16″ bread knife. (These bubble guns have become a real problem. See Piper Bayard’s post.)

(Okay, I’d better stop and make a note to self right quick…)

Note to self

I’ll try to revisit the blizzard another time, but for now, God bless all y’all and enjoy Dailey and Vincent doin’ Camping in Canaan’s Land (No need for generators there!)

*These artists don’t necessarily endorse my blog, I just like ’em.

5 thoughts on “Forget Ol’ Dan, I Feel Sorry For Mary Ann

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  3. don’t ban bread knives! I use mine . . . to clear away hard-to-reach cobwebs. Okay, go ahead and ban them. I’ll just use a spatula. (PS: Glad you survived the storm and the grandkids.)

    • I am definitely not going to tell Ladybug (18 mo. old) about raking down cobwebs with the bread knife. She will be up there–with plenty of cobwebs to work with–balanced on one toe on the high stool and going for it. 🙂

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